Reviews of Assuta hospital in Israel

Assuta Hospital, Israel reviewsThe largest medical complex in the Middle East - a network of clinics Assuta, Attracts patients from all over the world since 1934. They come here to be diagnosed health, surgery; conduct complex, but effective treatment. If you are interested in Assuta Hospital in Israel, patient testimonials on the Internet you can find easily. For it is easy to form an idea of ​​the establishment used therein technologies for staff to patients, the professionalism of the medical staff.

Assuta - comfortable treatment without pain

People say, what are the problems addressed in the clinic, which received aid and what it led to. Founded in 1934, the hospital was established with the support of Jewish immigrants from Germany. Since then, the hospital has retained a high level of quality of care, and now Assuta hospitals network includes more than 10 branches throughout Israel. The head is considered an office in Tel Aviv, but the rest of the health centers are also equipped with the latest technology, they work the best doctors in the country trained and training in leading educational and medical institutions.

Patients say that Assuta - hospital, where a lot of light, space. In offices reigns cleanliness, comfort, pleasant atmosphere. Stay in the clinic is not the feeling that the person is in prison 4 walls. Around, unlike the Soviet health care system of hospitals, not hovering strong smell of drugs. One gets the impression that all is well. On people's faces is not doom, gloom, misery.

The staff is attentive to requests from patients with compassion to the slightest signs of weakness or feeling unwell. One of the main principles of treatment here - no pain or discomfort. Doctors individually constitute treatment protocol for each patient, given his medical history, age, body's response to medical procedures. If the assigned therapy does not give the expected results, it immediately changed until the patient's health is not getting better.

Assuta Hospital in Israel - patient feedback about the features treatment

Israel Assuta reviewsBy Assuta negative reviews found on the Internet . HOWEVER, do not forget to Closely the get acquainted with the views of people the who visited there, to Distinguish
truth from fiction Book. The direction of medical tourism is well developed today. A direct result of the demand for services - high level of competition among service providers service organization of the treatment process. Each of them pursues its goals by offering to pass inspection and restoration of health in the clinic, which established contacts. However, this treatment does not always meet the expectations of patients. In this regard, Assuta unique:

1. Private complex is sparing no expense to the development of the technological base. Here, the first in Israel appear:

  • latest robotic systems;
  • navigation equipment for complex operations;
  • Diagnostic imaging systems;
  • Directional radiation for cancer patients and others.

2. Here are his own practice the best doctors of Israel, which are headed by other hospital departments, departments, centers. But if there is to get to such a doctor you can hardly because of his employment, the presence of other doctors who may have to take, the Assuta you may choose, at any doctor to be treated.

3. Hospital created a unique security system for patients - their interests are respected at all stages of the service - from the drafting of the treaty prior to discharge from the facility. The result of excellent work was the acquisition of the distinctive marks of quality and international safety certificates - JCI, ISO 9002.

Study reviews the official website of Assuta hospital. Often marked by facts:

  • courteous welcome, care, cheerfulness employees;
  • convenience chambers (1 and 2-bed, equipped with everything necessary), comfortable interior infrastructure;
  • innovative inspection technology, treatment, recovery;
  • highly qualified staff of professors, doctors, nursing staff;
  • the latest equipment, the emphasis on non-invasive surgery techniques;
  • competent combination treatment principles of traditional schools, etc. copyright techniques.

Of interest is a video reviews, where people share their impressions. Patients who come to the health of the correction in the department of cardiology, oncology, hematology, arthroplasty, IVF and other thank the doctors for what they have helped to cope with fears and allowed to recuperate, returning the joy and taste of life.

A review of the patient on the treatment of esophageal cancer

Interviews recorded with the patient's words

Andrei Mikhailovich, Saratov

- Andrew, tell us how it all began?

- At the age of 55 I started to have problems. Swallow was hurt. At first I thought that the problem with the esophagus. It's just that my father had such a problem. But I do not see a doctor. I was not up to it. Big family and we had to take care of his mother. As soon as the family situation has changed, I went to the doctor.

The doctor suspected I gialaralnuyu hernia, or possibly narrowing of the esophagus. But it will not become, and I went for an examination. In the end it turned out that I had cancer of the esophagus. Panic started in the family. Where to go? How to treat? What to do? Learn all about the treatment in Russia and decided it would be a long time. Wait quota to queue we did not want. Especially in my life I was not happy, successful examples of close treatment.

- And how did you decide to go to Israel?

- considering the option of all the countries where there is a modern treatment and Israel as well. I was surprised that we were told after the application almost immediately. We decided to go. Treating all happened through the focal point, fully orchestrated the whole process. Again passed the diagnostic program, and the diagnosis was confirmed. I scheduled an appointment with an oncologist for a treatment plan. The doctor explained to me how things will happen.

- How is the treatment?

- Well, I had a cancer on stage IVA. The tumor had grown to about 3cm. Doctor prescribed chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Treatment has been difficult. Every Monday I went for chemotherapy and 25 radiation sessions held for five days. Nausea was not, but was bleeding. Doctors quickly find and I was able to continue treatment without interruption.

- What are your impressions of the clinic of the country?

- I will say that I did not have the impression as if I'm in the hospital. Professional and attentive staff brightened presence there. I thank all the professionals who put on the feet of people, including me.

- How do you feel now?

- I'm glad that I'm coming home. I was treated for more than a year and now I can say with certainty that the cancer receded. Of course, have to be thoroughly checked and treated, but with the support of family and doctors, I think it all goes.

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