Laparoscopic resection of the small intestine

resection of the small intestineSurgical treatment in Israel   bowel diseases performed open way and using laparoscopic techniques.

Laparoscopic resection of the small the intestine in Israel clinics conducted for the treatment of acute for acute intestinal obstruction, perforation of duodenal ulcers, Gastrointestinal bleeding, of Crohn's disease, the pre-cancerous polyps, diaphragmatic a hernia, Meckel diverticulum, traumatic lesions of the large the intestine, a hernia uschemlonnoy with necrosis of the small bowel loops.

Before the operation, in the clinic Assuta  patient undergoes all the necessary studies to clarify the diagnosis: computerized tomography, ultrasound of the abdomen, chest X-ray, colonoscopy, gastroduodenoscopy, blood and urine tests, coagulation, survey abdominal radiography, MRI, ECG .

The surgeon determines the method of surgery. Laparoscopic access is not suitable for extensive adhesions abdominal cavity, peritonitis, expansion of the small intestine, hemodynamic instability, disorders of the hemostatic system.

A week before the surgery the patient should stop taking drugs affecting blood clotting (aspirin, warfarin) for the prevention of intra-operative bleeding.

Laparoscopic resection of the small intestine is carried out through small accesses. Operation starts after the imposition of pneumoperitoneum - the introduction of carbon dioxide into the abdominal cavity, which makes it possible to freely conduct an audit bodies and perform the intervention. Through trocars are introduced laparoscopic surgical instruments and optics. Portion of the small intestine is removed and the integrity of the intestinal duct is restored via endosteyplerov. In malignant tumors, surgery is performed in compliance with ablastics. In addition intestinal portion removed lymphatic drainage system of the small intestine. The future with In, the surgical treatment in Israel, is complemented by radiation therapy and chemotherapy treatments to Prevent cancer recurrence.

During surgery, the patient is under general anesthesia. Duration of the this of The operation in the Assuta the clinic - 2-3 hours.

After laparoscopic resection of the small intestine the patient is in the hospital for 3-5 days.

Duration of surgery - 2-3chasa. Hospital period - 3-5 days. Postoperatively, the patient each Assuta Hospital   Provides quality care and Supervision of Specialists.



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