Treatment of cervical cancer in Israel - the efficacy and safety

uterine cancer in IsraelThe clinic Assuta with the patient in the treatment of cancer of the uterus leading experts of the country. Conduct an effective therapy, both local and common diseases: adenocarcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, papillary serous and others.

Innovative approaches offered in the clinic Assuta:

  1. Coordinated assistance team of doctors.
  2. The use of advanced methods of treatment of oncology uterus in Israel, including organ-approach.
  3. Access to new therapies in clinical trials.
  4. And minimally invasive robotic surgery.
  5. Modern radiation therapy techniques that preserve healthy tissue and significantly reducing side effects. Applied intraoperative radiation, chemoradiation therapy, intensity modulated radiotherapy, HDR brachytherapy. It provides exceptional accuracy, to minimize the impact of treatment on sexual and hormonal functions.
  6. Focus on the quality of life of patients, access to a wide range of support services.

If you need a really high-quality medical care, our focal point «Unims» (with experience in the field of medical tourism for over 10 years), the official representative of Assuta, can in a short time to organize for you a cancer treatment in Israel .

Thus the cost of treatment will be similar to the prices offered by the department of International clinic of tourism, but the range of non-medical services we provide much wider. In addition, in the case of the need to bring the possibility of the country's other medical centers.

Multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of uterine cancer in Israel

Personal treatment program developed by a team of different specialists. It may include a pathologist, radiation oncologist, oncologists, surgeons, himioterapevt, nurses, psychologists, nutritionists, and others. Co-operation is carried out at every step, to provide a comprehensive, yet highly specialized medical care. Apply the most modern methods of treatment with the least adverse effect on the body.

Treatment of cervical cancer in Israel in stages

Treatment of endometrial cancer due to the phase of the disease at the time of diagnosis . Surgical intervention is usually carried out at all stages of the disease, most patients undergo surgery, during which removes the uterus and cervix. In the initial stages of minimally invasive surgery may be the only way to treat uterine cancer in Israel that will be required. In the later stages of the presence of metastasis involved more extensive surgery to remove the tumor process outside the uterus and cervix in combination with chemotherapy and radiation.

If diagnosed with uterine cancer in stage I, most likely, it will only need to surgery to remove a malignant tumor. In the course of the operation is carried out resection of the uterus and cervix and possibly the ovaries and fallopian tubes. Indicator disposal of the disease at this stage - typically greater than 90%. Also often perform lymph node biopsy to examine for the presence of abnormal cells. Perhaps, other methods will be offered to the treatment of uterine cancer in Israel, in addition to surgery, such as radiation therapy or chemotherapy. The fact that certain types of diseases such as cancer of the uterus serous and clear cell carcinoma, even if diagnosed at an early stage, may require a large amount of treatment after surgery. The doctor carefully monitors the patient's state of health.

If diagnosed stage II endometrial cancer, surgery is the first step. Sometimes radiation therapy may follow after the surgery to remove any remaining abnormal cells. Chemotherapy is rarely needed, but if serous cancer of the uterus or clear cell carcinoma.

At stage III disease assigned, usually a combination of methods - surgery followed by radiation and, if desired -himioterapiya.

When diagnosed with stage IV endometrial cancer, surgery is not always necessary. Instead discussed combination of cytostatics treatment, hormone therapy and clinical trials (and sometimes irradiation). In later phases Targeted effective or biological therapy available through clinical trials.

Surgical treatment of cervical cancer in Israel

Department of Oncology at the clinic Assuta is considered the best in the country. It hosts about 85,000 operations a year. Patients receive the highest level of surgical care .

The operation is carried out to determine the stage of the disease - surgical staging. Usually surgery includes:

  1. Removal of the uterus and cervix (hysterectomy).
  2. Resection of one or both ovaries, the fallopian tubes (unilateral or bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy).
  3. Taking a small sample of the pelvic lymph nodes or tissue (biopsy) to check for the presence of pathological segment under a microscope.

The Assuta hospital oncologists use the most advanced technologies available to perform the operation with high precision. Highly skilled surgeons routinely perform minimally invasive surgery.

  1. Laparoscopy - a procedure that is performed through small incisions in the abdomen, the need for more extensive operations is eliminated.
  2. Robot-assisted hysterectomy. Its advantages are numerous. The procedure provides a less invasive approach, as compared to the open (traditional) hysterectomy, patients offers the best results, reduced hospital stay, accelerated the recovery process, higher safety.

Treatment of cervical cancer in Israel in young women

Hysterectomy affect fertility or ability to have children in the future. Most of the disease is diagnosed in later life, when saving opportunities fertility loses significance. However, if the patient is a young woman with an advanced phase, requiring surgery for endometrial cancer, you still want to have children, the doctors at the clinic Assuta carefully considered program of treatment of uterine cancer in Israel and surgery options before and after the therapy. Specialists closely interact with a woman to choose the best option, which will make it possible in the future pregnancy. The patient will be able to discuss their concerns and opportunities with experts in reproduction, such as the freezing of oocytes (embryos).

Assuta Hospital offers excellent technological capabilities of operational, some of the best in Israel.

After the operation, samples of the extracted tissue scrutinized by experts of the pathology. After that, a team of doctors, who works with the patient, evaluates them and make a decision on further treatment.

Chemotherapy in the treatment of uterine cancer in Israel

Sometimes the treatment comprises chemotherapy (drugs which eliminate malignant cells or stop their division) or hormonal therapy in a number of cases, the clinical test. Oncologists in Assuta hospital will offer the most effective methods of therapy, helping the patient as much as possible to maintain the quality of life during treatment for uterine cancer in Israel.

Chemotherapy in cancer of the endometrium, in most cases advisable to III and IV phases (as required), except for certain types of cervical cancer - kartsiosarkomy, clear cell or serous. Chemotherapeutic drugs are usually administered after an operation to remove the remaining segments of pathological and to prevent recurrence. Sometimes cytostatics given as an additional therapy to radiation therapy to enhance its effectiveness.

Throughout the treatment of uterine cancer in Israel himioterapevt working closely with the team of nurses, dieticians and social workers, to minimize the toxicity and side effects of treatment, to maintain quality of life and optimize the results. The patient should be actively involved in decision-making when it comes to choosing chemotherapy.

Radiation therapy in the treatment of uterine cancer in Israel

Irradiation is a method of treating cancer, which applies various types of radiation to eliminate malignant cells or to stop tumor growth.

Assuta Hospital has the Institute of radiation therapy and radiosurgery, led by Dr Svetlana Zalmanova. Irradiation with endometrial cancer conducted by an experienced team of radiation oncologists (radiation oncologist).

Radiotherapy may be recommended at any stage of the disease, to eliminate any remaining cancerous segments in the body or in the lymph nodes after surgery. Sometimes radiation is prescribed in the early stages, or in severe cases, when the cancer spreads throughout the body. In cases of recurrent disease when it is returned after initial treatment, radiotherapy is used as palliative measures for abating disease and improve the quality of life.

Radiation treatment of endometrial cancer may include the following method.

  1. Brachytherapy involves implantation of radioactive material within the tumor or into it. This method has many advantages, including the maintenance of healthy tissues compared to conventional radiotherapy; prevent unnecessary hysterectomy; reducing the risks of rectal bleeding and ulceration of the bladder; improved local tumor control and survival rates. Applying existing advanced radiation technology, it is possible to treat patients with recurrent endometrial cancer or oncology, which was considered incurable.
  2. IMRT - radiotherapy with modulated intensity uses 3D computer images to find the tumor and send it to the external radiation from different angles. This reduces the damage to surrounding healthy tissue. Assuta Hospital doctors used an innovative approach - fractionation, when given a lower dose of radiation to patients who have had a uterus. This provides better results, less scar tissue and lower toxicity.

Hormonal treatment of uterine cancer in Israel

Hormone therapy blocks the action of natural hormones in order to stop the growth of malignant cells. Hormones are substances synthesized in the body glands and circulates in the bloodstream. Sometimes hormones promote the growth of cancer. If the tests show that the cancer cells have hormone receptors, drugs, surgery, or radiation therapy are used to reduce the production of these substances or to block their action.

Because endometrial cancer can thrive under the influence of female hormones - estrogen and progesterone, doctors sometimes recommend progesterone therapy or estrogen-blocking therapy. In the case of cancer of the uterus, progesterone have a depressing effect on malignant cells. This procedure is less common, but can be offered in the initial phases of the disease. Also, hormone therapy may be an option for patients who have a contraindication to surgical treatment of uterine cancer in Israel.





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