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Address Assuta Hospital in Israel

Address Assuta Hospital in IsraelPopularity Assuta medical centers network is growing, which is justified by the high professionalism of medical staff, technical equipment of hospitals, their infrastructure features. Every day, millions of people are looking at Assuta Hospital Internet in Israel, the address where you can ask for qualified medical help.

The hospital treated all kinds of diseases known to science. Doctors have much success in the private Center of correction of anomalies of cancer, orthopedics, reproductive medicine, surgery and minimally invasive classical model. It treats the best doctors in the Israeli practices. Many of them work in the offices of the heads of other hospitals. But if you get them at the reception in a public hospital, you will hardly be able to, as you go to the doctor, the burden of which will allow you to take in the Assuta you are guaranteed to get the advice you require specialist. Assuta feature of the network - the patient has the right to choose from a doctor for treatment.

Branches Assuta - contacts

Since the network a lot of intermediary organizations, it is important to carefully check the information with the official data of medical institutions. Visit the official site of the clinic, examine the data on branches, view a list of approved partners. We are a certified representative of the hospital, so we offer treatment directly from the best doctors without extra charge or additional tariffs.

If you are interested e Assuta in Israel - the central branch network of clinics located in Tel Aviv, a picturesque landscaped area Ramat Hahayal Str. Ha Barzel, 20.

Here every day to perform complex surgical procedures, saved the lives of dozens of people who have lost all hope of healing. Work is in progress on the other tracks. Many people go to Israel is not only for treatment, but also to spend a great time - enjoy the views of the Dead Sea, to be fed with a favorable climate, go shopping, taste the local cuisine. District Ramat Hayal as if created for this purpose. On the streets of the city are the best restaurants, boutiques of famous brands. It is very convenient if Assuta Tel Aviv address you know and come accompanied by family members. They will be able to occupy yourself during your recovery.

If you prefer to visit other cities of Israel, be sure that every department of the clinic - it is a complete medical complex, which offers a full range of diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation procedures. They are located in Ashdod, Haifa, Rishon Lezion, Beersheba. You will not find difficulties in order to get to the hospital - all branches are equipped with convenient transport interchange. It can be reached by public transport and taxi.

The easy and quick About Organization of treatment AT Assuta , you will of learn more in the Comparative The table.

If you need Assuta, clinic address is easy to remember. Phone number and e-mail address you will find on our site for each office Assuta network. We collected on our portal maximum amount of information in areas of treatment, technology of work used in hospital equipment. Rate tremendous level of Israeli medicine at Assuta largest complex in the Middle East. Attention to the Pay prices of services and cost ( price Assuta Hospital in Israel official site ). Comparing them with official quotation hospitals in developed countries of the West, you will notice that in Israel, the prices are lower by 30-40%, and the medicine quality is always on top. To clarify any questions, send an online application form, call or write to elektronku. We will promptly contact you to answer.


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