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Assuta in Ashdod

Assuta in AshdodPrivate medical clinics network Assuta has won the tender for the construction of a public hospital in Ashdod, Assuta in 2011. The competition lasted for two years, and the choice of the winner of the public health system of the number of private service providers has become a truly unprecedented event that confirms the high quality of service at the hospital, professionalism, innovative nature of the procedures conducted there. Ashdod residents over 10 years of fighting for the right to organize in the fifth-largest city in Israel hospital. Today, the goal is achieved - the new clinic opens its doors in May 2017 and will operate in accordance with international quality and safety standards and respect for human dignity and respect for the principles of confidentiality treatment of patients.

Opening all otdeleney clinic will be carried out gradually and in accordance with the following schedule:

  • June 2017 - clinic and clinic
  • August 2017 - operating and separation of X-ray tomography and
  • September 2017 - cardiology and pediatric surgery
  • October 2017 - women's and maternity departments
  • November 2017 - the emergency room

It is planned that Assuta Hospital in Ashdod will be one of the most innovative centers in the complex the largest private hospitals, branches of which are located throughout Israel. The clinic will be annually over 60 thousand procedures and diagnostic tests. The results of all medical manipulations obtained here will be automatically taken to a central computer archive, accessible to all offices Assuta to further explore, store and compare the therapeutic dynamics if necessary.

Territorial department is located in the center of the "Actinium" at the southern entrance to the city, not far from the train station. The clinic and reception of patients (based on the old department) today conducted. In the near future there is planned to carry out a full range of imaging procedures, facilitated the purchase of the latest equipment, the cost of which is sometimes more than a few tens of millions of dollars per unit. Doctors will conduct CT, PET, MRI, ultrasound of the heart, mammograms, bone density testing, and the condition of blood vessels. The clinic Assuta in Ashdod will be located Institutes:

  • nuclear medicine;
  • gastroenterology;
  • phototherapy of skin problems;
  • ophthalmic testing problems;
  • sleep;
  • cardiology;
  • vascular ultrasound;
  • Breast Unit;
  • pain clinic;
  • Committee on pregnancy.

In blocks modern operating rooms will be available. It is planned to perform operations in orthopedic surgery, urology, gynecology, ENT and other areas.

If you need to get to Assuta Hospital in Ashdod, then you do it, you can in several ways:

  1. Accessible by car, taxi, accessible transfer after arrival to Israel. Call the driver the final destination of your route, and it will take you to the destination.
  2. Use public transport (movement by 8 lines from the central station in Ashdod).

Clinic Address: Sderot Menachem Begin, 106 Actinium Center, NE region

Learn how to properly arrange treatment at Assuta from leading doctors without delay and red tape!

Since May 2017 Assuta in Ashdod will serve more than 220,000 patients in the indigenous population, and up to 250 thousand people who use medical tourism programs and come here from other countries. Supervision of patients will take the leading doctors of Israel - more than 200 500 doctors and nurses, not including auxiliary power workers (security), administrative and support staff. Today, their set is in full swing.

Over the past 40 years Assuta in Ashdod will be the first built public hospital. This creates a system of quality from the ground up, which was a serious challenge in the medical environment. Despite this, the money invested in construction (750 million dollars) and expectations are met. The hospital will be launched in the scientific fields and laboratories, where the interaction and work on the development of medicines, equipment and therapeutic technologies will lead professor, doctoral and visiting scientists from other countries.

Professor Haim Bitterman, hospital director, outlined the central concept of the clinic: "We are working to provide the Israelis, the Russian-speaking patients and those who came from other countries, the most advanced medical services, the highest level of quality which is comparable to the best clinics in the world we have set a goal -. to recruit the best doctors, continuing the tradition of the entire medical complex Assuta ".

Assuta in Ashdod, plans to carry out the full range of medical services, including the work of the emergency department, operating rooms, intensive care units, maternity wards, clinics and institutions in various fields. Hospital Campus is located on 70 hectares. The main body contains the 5-storey building. The surrounding buildings - institutions and specialized clinics. The complex also features underground parking.


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