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Assuta Israel official siteProfitable to earn on health, or rather its absence. And all would do if this simple truth does not have adopted the scammers promise manna in the organization of treatment in Israel. As the largest clinic in the Middle East, where physicians are able to assist in really difficult situations, is Assuta in Israel, the official site of the medical institution at the same time not easy to find.

On the Internet - dozens of clones, many of whom say sure - they are the hallmark of the famous hospital Assuta network. However, this is not true. Therefore carefully study the information on the site, pay attention to details. Choose only approved representatives of the clinic. Whereas treatment in Israel will do you good. In some situations it is possible to save a substantial amount without degrading the quality of treatment abroad.

Assuta official site in Israel and providers

Foreign patients is not easy to determine the order which site to believe. Brands represented many Israeli medicine. But, after reading reviews about cheating, do not want to get to the scam tricks. Use of corporate brand attributes - not a guarantee of quality. All sites convey branding Assuta - represent the colors, write the inherent fonts indicate a single address of the branches of service providers. The same pattern remains on the documents in emails intermediaries who, until recently assured the patient that he went to the direct relationship with the hospital.

In fact, Assuta Hospital in Israel, the official site has only one - It is easy to translate into popular languages.

However, assume that you will be able to call the hospital and to establish a direct dialogue with the dates of your doctor is wrong. The clinic has an international department, where you will be redirected to all questions. This is the same intermediary organization, as well as officials from the clinic, but it belongs to Assuta. It is a mistake to assume that organizational services are not paid, they are embedded in the diagnosis and treatment rates for foreign tourists. It is the representatives of the international department at Assuta finally engaged:

  • Clarifying nuances.
  • Contracting.
  • The organization of trips abroad.
  • The selection of housing.
  • Transfer, transfer to patients and so forth.

However, the abundance of references to the clinic often leads to the fact that the time in which the patient has prolonged. In addition, the quality of diagnosis and treatment of the organization here is lower compared to professional service providers, limited organizational capacity and Assuta conditions.

More complete and A clear picture clearly reflected in the comparative table - organization of the treatment directly in Assuta and organizations through our company .

It should refer to the official providers. Official representatives of the clinic can offer services at attractive prices. Unscrupulous vendors will increase the amount of times (sometimes at the same time, putting originally a very good offer, but does not include the necessary expenses, which the patient will be informed after the start of examination / treatment), forcing the patient to fork out thoroughly in the course of treatment. Cheat sometimes quite significant. Given that the prices in Israel less than European, but the quality of service is above suspicion, a large number of tourists coming here who want to improve their health.

Our medical service - the official representative of the clinic Assuta, which enables us to form an adequate pricing policy for Russian-speaking patients to comply with their interests in matters of competitive cost of services provided.

Signs of a fake-site Assuta or what to pay attention to?

Such a resource other than the corporate brand identity and can contain other information, the presence of which suggests that before you a mediator when the public information about it is not provided with any. Signs sites clones Assuta - a number of examples:

a) indicate the presence of a site in the basement of the company, representing the service. By the way, the payment from the official representatives only in Israel, prepayment - no.

Assuta Hospital, Israel's official website

Assuta Hospital official website

b) references in the texts of the site name of the medical service, which reveals aspects of the service in the Assuta.

assuta co il

c) The presence in a review, information mediators, facilitators, medical attendant, who is assigned to the patient and takes on additional functions (representation of interests of the patient, translate, support services and so on.) for his comfort.

www assuta co il

On Web sites of Representatives often indicate information that is - the official representative of the resource. This information is prescribed - in the "About Us", for example. The provider is not afraid to show the documents of the right formally to offer diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation clinic Assuta.

What benefits will result for the patient treatment in our medical service? The answer is obvious. We are always available to us do not need to dial agonizing for weeks waiting for an answer. We will contact you within 48 hours after your treatment. If you just sent us all the documentation on the surveys, the state of your health, the therapeutic protocol is made one hour after receipt of the information.

When the timing is not tolerated, we instantly organize your trip to Israel, where you will be waiting for the physician, accommodation, dealing with everyday issues. Understanding that health - a great value, we will treat it carefully and try to keep the potential at which your body is capable of offering the best doctors in the Israeli services. Will most importantly But - Addressed to us, you will of the get a minimum price of services .

Please rate the service on a personal experience, just dial our number, sending online application or request by e-mail.

Assuta in Moscow - myth or reality?Assuta Moscow

Information appeared on the network that Assuta Hospital branch ( opened in Moscow, providing range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Many patients, tempted by the opportunity to save on there is no need to fly to Israel, believe that the medical center of the capital to help solve health problems. However, the situation is not quite what it seems at first glance. We are not talking about the Assuta Medical Center in Moscow, and on the representation of the clinic. This organizational services:

  • registration of a trip to Israel;
  • for selecting and making arrangements with a physician to whom you want to go;
  • support a patient in another country, and so forth.

As an official representative of Assuta Hospital, medical center Moscow has no right to carry out medical services in a place of geographic location under the brand Assuta. Therefore we expect that the capital is located the official department of the hospital is not necessary, it is a representation. If you decide to get help Israeli physicians using Assuta services, you have to go to the Middle East.

Official branches Assuta Hospital

Having dealt with the fact that Assuta Hospital in Moscow - this is her office, and not independently functioning branch list, where the hospital division. Central Branch is located in Tel Aviv - the patients here is the whole range of medical services - from diagnostic procedures on the unique equipment to surgical surgical interventions aimed at correcting the abnormalities and restore the health of patients. Great demand services cardiologists, oncologists, hepatologists, experts Center for Reproductive Medicine, Orthopedic and other physicians.

Assuta network consists of 11 branches, the largest of which are located in Haifa, Ashdod, Ra'anana, and other cities in Israel. Despite this, the Assuta in Moscow - a branch of the largest private medical center of Israel is only a representation. Carefully review the Center's services and prices online, you'll see a reference to the fact that they actually provided. But here's the analysis (for example, the same histology) are held still in Israel. To this end, materials are sent in real clinical laboratory for a thorough review by the Israeli medical professional. Upon receipt of the result is forwarded to Moscow, where it is communicated to the patient.


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