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Assuta Tel Aviv

Assuta Tel AvivA leading hospital in the Middle East is deservedly recognized as Assuta Tel Aviv, a private clinic, an initiative emigrated from Germany in the 1930s doctors. Highly educated medical elite developed a unique project to build a medical center, whose buildings include 72 rooms, and the view from the windows overlooking the sea. Thanks to modern equipment, using the latest health care technology, favorable conditions of work, a prestigious hospital soon attracted the attention of the best doctors, which was a good start for further development.

The ground floor housed the Chamber of dialysis clinics, the waiting area for outpatients offices of administrative staff. On the second floor - catheterization department, imaging diagnostics, laboratory facilities, day care. On the third - the operational wing with 12 rooms, an intensive care unit, a waiting room for family members. On the fourth - additional outpatient operating.

In Assuta Ramat Hahayal

In 2009 he moved to Assuta Ramat Hahayal. This new building, designed by Canadians, an area of ​​90 000 sq.m. It confirmed its status of the largest Israeli hospital. Today, the clinic performs operations and diagnostic procedures in all areas of medicine, including cardiology, oncology, gynecology, urology. Chamber hospitalization resemble modern guest rooms with views of the park. Half of them are designed for one patient, but they created the conditions for accommodation of an accompanying person. Electricity supply clinic designed with the use of solar energy in the event of interruptions to the light activities of the hospital did not stop for a second.

Today Assuta Hospital in Tel Aviv, is certified for operations of any complexity. Here are performed surgical procedures such as open heart surgery, neurological corrective actions. The hospital works cardiac catheterization laboratory, performed all kinds of angiographic procedures including stenting with plastic on the vessels.

In the field of IVF Assuta it is a world leader, performing more of artificial insemination operations. The fertility center contains over 60,000 frozen embryos in liquid nitrogen. The clinic is accredited by the international organization Joint Commission International, which confirms the safety standards of medical care.

The infrastructure of the hospital built with the maximum comfort for patients, staff and visitors. Assuta can be proud of the available potential:

  • The clinic works up to 16 operating rooms, located 250 beds, 27 intensive care stations. If necessary, the jobs can be converted to protected autonomous spaces.
  • Carried out all kinds of modern diagnostics on equipment of last generation: ultrasound, CT, MRI, PET, and so on.
  • Has Assuta Hospitalin Tel Aviv, all kinds of therapy for the treatment of cancer: surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Here treat prostate cancer, breast, head, spine, and other types of pathologies.

In addition to comfortable wards for patients at the clinic are family room, working sitting area, library, internet. The building has 21 trouble-free lift - the whole system of movement for the hospital is designed so that the movement was the most convenient and fast. The Assuta also posted:

  • clinic;
  • pharmacy (where most of the produced medicinal formulas "in situ");
  • lecture hall;
  • synagogue;
  • commercial area.

The hospital was constructed taking into account the standards of respect for nature. Parking near the building is designed for 1500 seats. If you are visiting Tel Aviv Assuta Hospital will be found by you without delay. This unique complex is known to every resident of the city - it is located in the northern sector of Tel Aviv on Habarzel-street, at the back of the Yarkon Park, stretching on the banks of the same river.

Assuta in Azriel mall

Tel Aviv Assuta Hospital

In addition to the hospital in Ramat Hahayal, you can also visit one more outlet Assuta in the city, located in the Azrieli - a huge shopping center in Israel. The branch includes the departments of diagnostic tests, Laser Technology, Center of Ophthalmology, Department of mammography problems, sleep center, clinic genetics and phototherapy. Hospital Equipment also includes rare equipment, which cost more than a few million dollars. There are doctors receiving various directions. Every year the hospital treated more than 20,000 patients from different countries.

Of services in Cost the clinic is lower than in the known medical centers in Europe by an average of 30-40%, but the level of service, and qualification of doctors innovative technical equipment is not inferior to any one item (learn more "How a treatment is much in Israel " ). Since the hospital privately, here are their own best doctors in the practice of Israel, heads of centers in other branches, departments in the relevant areas. If you have any difficulties with the search data, send a request to get advice on issues of interest.

Having decided on a trip to Assuta, examine responses of patients treated there. This allows you to ensure infallibility received treatment:

"We went with my wife in the Assuta - Tel Aviv We were very good impression Treated prostate cancer, the prices are more than democratic In the same Germany several times higher Care professional Wife was with me all the time, in..... this regard, virtually no restrictions, allowing you to feel in the family, even in the most negative aspects of life. Respect to doctors and respect. Mikhail, 38 years. "


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