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Interviews recorded with the patient's words

- Andrew, tell us how it all began?

- At the age of 55 I started to have problems. Swallow was hurt. At first I thought that the problem with the esophagus. It's just that my father had such a problem. But I do not see a doctor. I was not up to it. Big family and we had to take care of his mother. As soon as the family situation has changed, I went to the doctor.

The doctor suspected I gialaralnuyu hernia, or possibly narrowing of the esophagus. But it will not become, and I went for an examination. In the end it turned out that I had cancer of the esophagus. Panic started in the family. Where to go? How to treat? What to do? Learn all about the treatment in Russia and decided it would be a long time. Wait quota to queue we did not want. Especially in my life I was not happy, successful examples of close treatment.

- And how did you decide to go to Israel?

- considering the option of all the countries where there is a modern treatment and Israel as well. I was surprised that we were told after the application almost immediately. We decided to go. Treating all happened through the focal point, fully orchestrated the whole process. Again passed the diagnostic program, and the diagnosis was confirmed. I scheduled an appointment with an oncologist for a treatment plan. The doctor explained to me how things will happen.

- How is the treatment?

- Well, I had a cancer on stage IVA. The tumor had grown to about 3cm. Doctor prescribed chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Treatment has been difficult. Every Monday I went for chemotherapy and 25 radiation sessions held for five days. Nausea was not, but was bleeding. Doctors quickly find and I was able to continue treatment without interruption.

- What are your impressions of the clinic of the country?

- I will say that I did not have the impression as if I'm in the hospital. Professional and attentive staff brightened presence there. I thank all the professionals who put on the feet of people, including me.

- How do you feel now?

- I'm glad that I'm coming home. I was treated for more than a year and now I can say with certainty that the cancer receded. Of course, have to be thoroughly checked and treated, but with the support of family and doctors, I think it all goes.


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