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Dr. AssutaMedical clinic Assuta network receives patients from Israel and other countries. Here, together with ordinary citizens are treated celebrities. TheAssuta hospitaldoctors focus exclusively on patient care. Contractual relations are made by employees of the international department, where specialist staff working. Our medical service is an official representative of the clinic. Contacting Us - guarantee of high quality services, professionalism of doctors, affordable prices. Relationship with us are transparent and honest. Working in the market of medical tourism for more than 12 years, we have entered the Israeli association of medical tourism companies, confirmed the status of a reliable partner.

Assuta - Dr. professionals with a high level of prestige

One of the secrets to the success of the clinic is that doctors Assuta - the best specialists of Israel and other countries, who work in the medical institution on a contractual basis and are here for private practice, using the latest methods of correcting diseases. They are headed by specialized branches in other clinics in Israel, where to get to them is very difficult. Assuta united highly qualified staff and the availability of the services provided. It employs the best doctors, whose names are widely known for the institution walls. This world-class experts. The patient has the right to choose, at a specialist treatment. To his attention - 1500 the best surgeons and other doctors.

  1. Zvi Ram .
  2. Ella Tepper .
  3. Ilya Baking .
  4. Svetlana Zalmanova .
  5. David Lurie .
  6. Alexander Tenenbaum .
  7. Yaakov Cohen.

Another reason for pride - in Assuta there is no pain. It is literally won by doing so here for treatment, the patient gets rid of any manifestations of discomfort. The quality of medical services is really high. In the department of pain eliminate unpleasant symptoms, even those who could not live up to it without the use of strong narcotics. The obtained result is stored from 1.5 to 5 years.

Assuta Hospital doctors are invited to engage in private practice in the presence of:

  • no demand for their services;
  • perfect experience;
  • professionalism.

To take patients in Assuta branch network for physicians - a sign of prestige and distinctive quality. Surgeons working in operating rooms using equipment whose value is measured in millions of dollars. This technique is unique. It minimizes the risk of medical errors, clearly reveals the structure of the disease and helps the doctor to conduct a safe operation even where there has recently been high risk of complications. The Assuta present all the latest equipment, in spite of its high cost. Here VIP-clients are treated with the use of innovative technologies.

The Assuta go foreign patients, a substantial portion coming here for the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of people are from the Russian-speaking countries. Observation of the expert may be costly, but the savings are still there. It is that you serve the best doctors, you do not waste time, launching the disease and giving it a chance to develop.

Savings and risk reduction in the Assuta

When you call the clinic, you reduce the period of stay abroad. All agree in advance directly by reducing waiting periods for doctor, avoiding queues for the operation. In the hospital, a high level of patient safety, preferred minimally invasive therapy, which reduces the time spent in Israel, reduces spending on housing, food.

It seems interesting statistical data, according to which of the 85 thousand operations per year, who spend Assuta doctors in 2011 was made 1 medical error, and in the years that followed a single. This is an important indicator, once again confirming the high level of professionalism of medical staff that treat Israel in the network of medical centers Assuta.

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