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Ichilov and Assuta

Ichilov and AssutaGoing to Israel for diagnosis and treatment, many wonder, Ichilov and Assuta what clinic to choose, to get the most health benefits. This is the logical dilemma, because the two health centers in demand on both easy to find a lot of accolades patients. Nevertheless, there are differences, and they should know in advance to carry out a thorough analysis and choose the hospital conscious, not influenced by the situation.

Ichilov and Assuta - comparative characteristics

So, you set out to explore the specifics of Israel's largest clinics, in order to understand which of the hospitals the most fully meet your needs and expectations. This is normal, because you invest finances in the restoration of health. And if money itself can eventually fill in their personal budget, then dissipated to the treatment period, you no one will return.

In many situations, time is crucial. After all, if you do not stop the early stages of the same cancer, metastases will go all over the body. Get rid of them would be virtually impossible. And all that remains - to seek an extension to the designated life days. We have prepared a comparative description to Ichilov choice or Assuta not become insoluble problems.



General information about the hospital

State Medical Center, located in Tel Aviv. It consists of a general hospital, a center of rehabilitation services, the Department of cardiovascular diseases, children's clinic, maternity ward. JCI has a quality icon (Joint Commission International). Works for the Israelis over the age of 16, more than 8 patients from other countries.

The largest in the Middle East, a private medical complex consists of 11 branches located in the territory of Israel. Central Branch is located geographically in Tel Aviv. The clinic was created in the 30s of the last century, professional doctors from Germany. Since then, the quality of services, highly qualified staff, new equipment - the main priorities. Work is conducted in all areas of medical practice, assistance is provided for adults and children. Accredited by JCI - an international organization evaluate the safety and quality of medical services.

Ichilov and Assuta - areas of work

The clinic performed each year more than 30 thousand operations. Great success achieved here in the treatment of oncology, rheumatology problems, oral and maxillofacial surgery, cardiology, IVF, dermatology.

Each year in clinical centers performed more than 1 million. Surgical procedures for the correction of the problems of cancer, cardiac pathologies, gynecological practice. Here are treated the people who need to conduct complex operations on the spine, joints, ophthalmology, urology and so forth. If we compare the Ichilov and Assuta in the number of surgical procedures, the second confidently holds the leadership position.

diagnostic procedures

Laboratory services of any complexity, imaging diagnostic systems: CT, ultrasound, PET, MRI.

Since the private clinic, the owner has the ability to update the diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, equipping centers the best examples, the value of which exceeds tens of millions of dollars. It applies a revolutionary equipment for CT, PET, MRI, which allows detection of clinical disease.

Ichilov and Assuta - medical staff

Choosing Ichilov and Assuta note that the public hospital developed the traditional classical methods and treatment technologies. In the state of the labor of many professors, some of which are recognized by international experts. Doctors are busy in the hospital on a regular basis. State doctors includes talented young physicians, only came after the education and proficiency testing.

Private hospital since the formation headed for the high professionalism and impeccable practice of its staff. Favorable conditions have been created for the workers, brought to the clinic of the best doctors in Israel. All known doctors are here for private practice, seeing patients from abroad, and the indigenous inhabitants of the country. Here are working on a contractual basis of heads of departments of other hospitals, international experts, presidents of trade unions and associations. On a permanent basis in the Assuta employs doctors intensivists, nurses, orderlies. The treatment is applied not only the traditional regimen, but also new achievements. Individual treatment protocols allow to organize an effective healing process.

How to choose a doctor to treat his illness?

State form of clinic ownership implies that the patient can not lead an independent selection of the doctor to correct his condition. Even taking into account the fact that the fee therapy, it is impossible. Keep in mind this fact, if you are attracted to the name of a particular doctor when choosing Ichilov and Assuta, not to be disappointed in the future. Doctor, under the supervision of the patient which will be, determines the hospital, based on the workload of medical staff at the time of treatment of the patient in the clinic. In general, this medical load distribution system resembles the Russian health care system. The only difference is that in the Russian clinic you will receive treatment free of charge, and in Israel pay the money. If you are lucky, you will be treated professor expert. If such staff are busy, therapy will a talented, but young doctor.

When deciding Ichilov and Assuta, you want to keep the right to choose a doctor, then the choice is obvious - Assuta. The clinic offers treatment from any doctor having a license for provision of services to the population in private. Patient handling in the hospital there are several options - he can see and choose the clinics offer specialized professionals on the nature of his illness. Or choose a candidate, expressed a desire to be treated by a particular doctor.

Whether there is a queue, what the waiting period for the provision of assistance

Since arriving in the state hospital emergency patients in emergency care unit, emergency room and ensures the smooth operation of the medical staff, it may be a situation where your procedure will be delayed in time. This occurs when the patient is in the hospital heavy profits that examination or operation does not require a delay, because at stake - human life.

In general, patients are served by a single queue with the residents of Israel. Operations for medical tourists are transported to the second half of the day. Particular preference despite significantly higher rates of diagnosis and treatment of foreign nationals not obtained.

The main thrust of public hospitals is still - on the people of Israel. Sometimes there are personnel of the strike.

Meanwhile, it is worth paying attention to - the presence of a wide range of doctors of various profiles and reliable service resuscitation.

The level of organization of the treatment process for foreign citizens - quite low in spite of the very high level of medical care.

If the question is, what is better - Ichilov and Assuta still relevant, be aware that in a private clinic is present phenomenon of the queue, but to a lesser extent than in a public hospital. There is no separation of admissions. If the patient after the surgery a few days later after discharge temperature rises, it will take only another clinic.

Here, the main part of the "incarcerated" under the doctors surgery and various types of surveys. If the patient is drawn independently search for a narrow profile in Assuta medical and agreed with him a few days.

The level of organization of diagnostic and therapeutic process - is higher in comparison with the public hospital. Here, the patient will pass inspection and treatment in a shorter time in more comfortable conditions. It offered the opportunity to VIP-service, reception services "second opinion."


In Ichilov equipment is purchased on state funds and revenues from fee-based offices. Wanting to keep Israel's status as a leader in medical tourism, the clinic is equipped with good facilities in all areas.

Comparing Ichilov and Assuta in terms of equipment, keep in mind that the first private clinic in Israel gets new medical facilities and facilities to be proud of the leading hospitals of the world. This robotic equipment, imaging devices, radiation systems for treating cancer and many more.

Ichilov and Assuta - prices for services

Prices in the Ichilov regulated by the Ministry of Health of Israel for the indigenous population and the medical tourists from other countries.

Assuta Hospital Prices in Israelare similar to the cost of staying in Ichilov, but the prices for a number of procedures may be higher or lower. The higher prices are justified using the new equipment, qualified personnel, the health facility infrastructure. In the offices of the clinic placed single rooms, family suites, lounges, library work. In addition there are meeting rooms, internet, to patients to keep abreast of and be informed. Even the food here is left to chance - the menu includes a variety of dishes that will satisfy the most exacting taste.

Experienced medical providers are perfectly knowledgeable about the value of various diagnostic and treatment services in different clinics. They will help to optimize the budget, and as soon as possible to arrange treatment. We will help you to orient in the field of medical tourism in Israel. More information about for the Organization of treatment with Our help page . If you need assistance, fill in the form!

Choosing Ichilov and Assuta for the treatment of cancer of the plastics company ECO, review patient testimonials, carefully weigh all the "pros and cons". We hope that we have collected information will help you in deciding who should be trusted health in difficult circumstances.


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