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Obesity Treatment in Israel

Obesity Treatment in IsraelToday on the treatment of obesity in Israel come to men and women, people of different ages. Mostly it is carried out on surgical getting rid of extra kilos. Surgery is a last resort, when other attempts at weight loss have failed, and human health is threatened. But even in this case, you have to be really appreciated all the risks of the procedure.

Surgical treatment of obesity suggests rapid weight loss, but to succeed it must be accompanied by the formation of healthy eating habits and regular exercise. Assuta Hospital uses the latest advances in medical practice, to return to his patients slim silhouette and beautiful body.

Why do you need to fight obesity

More than half of the population are overweight (body mass index (BMI)> 25 and <30 kg / m 2) and 30% were obese (BMI ≥30 kg / m 2). Obesity is becoming endemic due to increased supply and reduced exercise. Since overweight are related such adverse conditions such as:

  • insulin resistance, diabetes type 2;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • cholelithiasis;
  • certain types of cancer;
  • steatosis;
  • obstructive sleep apnea;
  • degenerative joint disease;
  • gout, back pain;
  • polycystic ovarian syndrome.

overweight problem has led to the development of methods of treating obesity in Israel - if long-term effects of diet, exercise and drug therapy by weight are relatively poor, bariatric surgery gives 100% and a quick effect.

The usual treatment of obesity

Even an intensive program of lifestyle modification leads to only a small reduction in weight. Mariela spent Balta, Alex Müller and Taisho Dalen baths in the Netherlands study showed that diabetes prevention program in which participated 1079 person with an average BMI of 33.9 kg / m 2, given the meager results. Especially for the participants developed an intense weight loss plan, which were combined exercise and diet. The average weight loss after 2.8 years was 5.6 kg. This compares with an average weight loss of 3.0 kg in 1637 patients reached within 4 years after treatment with placebo effect.

Very low calorie diets were <800 kcal / day. Programs using such diets tend to result in weight loss of 15-25% after 3-6 months. Nevertheless, long-term gains are modest 9% weight loss after 1 year and 5% after 4 years.

In recent years, it evolved pharmacological treatment of obesity. Drugs prescribed for weight loss, are divided into two categories:

  1. Means to suppress appetite.
  2. Additives which inhibit the absorption of nutrients.

By and large, pharmacological support generates an additional weight loss of about 5 kg for the first year.

Surgical treatment of obesity in Israel

Surgical treatment of obesity in IsraelIn contrast to these relatively poor long-term results of conservative measures, there is a growing body of evidence that surgery leads to a more sustainable weight loss.

The vertical banded gastroplasty (MSF)

The procedure involves suturing the stomach to reduce its volume. Additionally, it may be applied constraining ring that prevents the tensile body. As a result, the stomach becomes like a small bag that can accommodate a small amount of food, causing a feeling of fullness. If you eat a meal in the same amounts as before the operation, develop nausea, vomiting, pain.

Patients need time to adapt and get used to the reduced size of the organ. It is important to choose the professional doctors to perform surgery, in this case, the risk of complications is reduced to a minimum. Operation efficiency is very high and allows to eliminate up to 50% of the initial weight. Holds the result is usually not less than 5 years. The rehabilitation period includes the use of the modified diet.

adjustable gastric band

Another restrictive approach surgical treatment of obesity in Israel - approved procedure uses the medical community since 2001. During this time, updated base of operations, surgical instruments, allowing for intervention with less damage to the patient.

Laparoscopic techniques have reduced the primary rehabilitation period to several days. With this type of operation is a restrictive band around the upper part of the stomach, which also makes it smaller than previous organ size. In general, the procedure is very similar to the above-described technique is similar to the effect of weight loss.

Gastric bypass with Roux gastroeyunoanastomozom

It is the "gold standard" of bariatric surgery. This procedure includes both the restrictive effect achieved by reducing the size of the stomach and grafting, reduce the length of the small intestine to three quarters of the total length to minimize digestion. As a consequence - the transition of undigested food in the large intestine. This has the side effect - diarrhea during the first months after the operation. Other problems include nausea, abdominal cramps, gas formation, and sometimes a lack of minerals.

This operation causes a gastrointestinal hormonal changes that lead to the reduction of hunger and increase satiety due to the feeling of stomach fullness. Patients who resort to such obesity treatment in Israel, lost significant weight (which is fat falls mostly). Maintaining body weight is straightforward - there is a slight increase in weight over the next years. As with any bariatric surgery, the patient will require lifelong medical supervision to avoid complications that commonly occur with vitamin B12 deficiency and anemia.

The innovative treatment of obesity in Israel stem cells

obesity treatment in Israel, the pricesThe new procedure of weight loss is the use of stem cells. Together with normalization of metabolic processes in the body improves skin health is restored. During the procedure there is no allergic and immune reactions do not require general anesthesia.

Embryonic stem cells are grown in a few months. The time period between the receipt of lipoaspirate and conducting injection of activated stem cells is only a few hours. The method has no risk rejuvenates the body and triggers the natural metabolic processes of weight loss. Ideal for those who want to lose weight, but is afraid to take medicine or go under the surgeon's knife.


Weight loss is beneficial to health. Israeli surgeons are known for carrying out highly accurate diagnostic procedures and preparation of optimal treatment plans. For patients who underwent treatment in a clinic, drawn up individual rehabilitation programs, compliance with which ensures long-term conservation of the obtained effect and excellent state of health of the patient.

The cost of procedures in the clinic Assuta is readily available. Israel's largest private center offers a program of weight correction. In 2016:

  • Consultation leading surgeon cost of 550 dollars.
  • Preparation for surgery (ECG, talk with the anesthesiologist, X-ray) - from $ 300.
  • Setting the limiting ring on the stomach + hospitalization - from 12 000 dollars.
  • Shunting - from 31 000 dollars.

Among the well-known Israeli surgeons, taking in the clinic Assuta, note doctors like Dr. Osnat Raziel (banding, bypass, setting the balloon), Dr. Subhi Abu Abeid (general and bariatric surgery), Professor Moshe Rubin (head of the Israeli Association of Bariatric Surgeons).

If you want to get an appointment with a doctor of the clinic, a consultation and get the opinion of a competent, call us, send a request or send an e-mail address. We are happy to answer your questions. If necessary, carry out online consultation.


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