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Gastric bypass surgery in Israel

Gastric bypass surgery in IsraelGastric bypass surgery in Israel - a common operation, whose aim weight loss in a healthy way. It is one of the methods of bariatric surgery to limit food intake. The clinic Assuta practiced different techniques of surgical correctionof obesity. Bypass surgery - one of the most popular procedures. By her appeal, ifbanding and sleeve resectionI did not bring the desired results. In the private medical complex operate with the best doctors in Israel, international experts, trained in leading clinics around the world and heads of professional associations in Europe.

Turning to us, you get personal service, individual correction program, the best methods of gaining harmony.

If you still choose to go where the bypass - in Israel or Germany, pay attention to the clinic prices. At the same level of professionalism, service quality standards of medical care in Israel, the cost of services is lower on average by 30-40%, which is a good savings for the budget.

In addition, the formulation of a trip abroad does not cause any difficulties. And the level of proficiency in Russian at the clinic staff deserves respect.

Who can apply for the operation?

The prospect to quickly get rid of excess weight looks good. However, the operation does not fit all. As with any surgical procedure, it can carry certain health risks and side effects. In addition, long-term success of the bypass depends on a person's ability to make changes in your lifestyle and developed with time-honored tradition. If you want to qualify for the operation, you need to undergo a thorough health assessment to determine whether it is suitable for you.

Carrying gastric bypass Israel at the expense of weight loss is able to get rid of many health complications such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and sleep apnea sleep. However, it needs extensive diagnostic screening and compliance with the recommendations of the doctors. The operation can be recommended if:

  • Attempts to lose weight through diet and exercise have failed.
  • Body mass index (BMI) of 40 or higher (extreme obesity).
  • A BMI of 35 to 39.9, and you have serious health problems associated with being overweight.

However, before you make sure that you are the ideal patient for surgery, go through the recommended diagnostic procedure, a physician and get clearance expert.

Evaluation for bypass

Gastric bypass surgery in Israel reviewsIn Israel, the patient has a team of professionals: nutritionist, psychologist, surgeon. Their assessments determines whether the patient is ready to undergo the procedure of grafting. And the willingness to consider in terms of the psychological and physical aspects of the part. The range of evaluation experts get:

  • Food culture, the history of weight - the weight of the doctors analyze trends, attempts to use diet, eating habits, exercise regime, the level of stress, time constraints, motivation.
  • Health status - some health problems increase the risk of surgery. These include liver disease, blood clots, heart problems, kidney stones. The team of experts will know which drugs are taken, how much alcohol is used. It is found out whether the patient smokes. A thorough physical exam and laboratory testing.
  • Psychological status - certain mental health conditions may contribute to the development of obesity, make it difficult to hold the weight after gastric bypass surgery in Israel - be it substance abuse, addiction to hedonism and excessive consumption of food. These things can not prevent the operation. But doctors may recommend to postpone the procedure until such time as you learn to manage their condition.
  • Motivation - is studied not just a willingness to commit yourself skillful hands of the clinic doctors, but also the willingness to follow the prescriptions of the rehabilitation process - to maintain the recommended diet, perform physical exercises.

It takes into account the patient's age. Although there are no restrictions on age parameters for bypass surgery, the risks increase for older patients. The expediency of the operation is considered to be controversial for people under 18 years.

preoperative requirements

If your candidacy is approved for the surgery, the doctor gives clear instructions on how to prepare for the procedure in a few weeks or months. These include restrictions on food, drink, control lifestyle. In some cases, you may need to lose a little weight before grafting. Obstacles to carrying out the operation may be:

  • Unavailability patient (psychological, physical).
  • Weight gain during the evaluation process.

If the checks are completed successfully, the patient is preparing for the operation, the date assigned for the implementation of surgical procedures.

Gastric bypass surgery in Israel - the types of operation

Gastric bypass surgery in IsraelBypass surgery reduces the size of the stomach, making it impossible meal of the previously usual volume. Surgeon organizes bypass - workaround for the digestive system. There are several variants of the operation, but optimal recognized Roux-en-Y. Procedure is performed laparoscopic techniques - through a small incision, which subsequently does not require a long time in the patient's recovery.

The essence of the procedure is quite simple - the surgeon creates a small volume of the stomach, which is stitched a loop of the small intestine, forming a Y-shaped section of the bypass. Thanks to the measures food passes from the stomach into the small intestine, bypassing portion 12-. The patient absorbs fewer calories and nutrients that stimulate the growth of weight indicators.

Recovery and possible complications

After gastric bypass surgery performed in Israel, the patient remains in the hospital for 2-3 days and return to normal activities within 2-3 weeks. According to world statistics, 8% of people may face complications, which are usually mild and include:

  • wound infection;
  • digestive problems;
  • ulcers;
  • bleeding.

The risk of complications later in centers that performed more than 100 surgeries for weight loss for the year. In this regard, the clinic Assuta is unrivaled. Every year, a large number of this kind of operations. Therefore, when deciding on treatment abroad, prefer a proven medical centers with a long history of helping people.

Patients after bypass surgery are at risk:

  • Stretching of the stomach, which may occur over time when non-compliance with the recommendations of the doctors. In this case, the body returns to its original size.
  • Food, vitamin and mineral deficiency. The body gets fewer nutrients from food.
  • Stenosis. Narrowing formed at the site of ligament stomach and small intestine. If this happens, the person feels nausea, vomiting reflex on ingestion. This requires expansion passage surgically.

Gastric bypass surgery can also cause "dumping syndrome." When this happens, food moves too quickly from the stomach into the small intestine. Symptoms include nausea, weakness, sweating, fainting, and sometimes diarrhea after eating, and the feeling of extreme weakness after eating sweets. To avoid this, it is important to follow all the doctor's recommendation.

If the weight is lost rapidly after the operation, there is a risk of developing kidney stones. Afraid of this is not necessary, since the Assuta effective medication drugs are used to offset the symptoms.

Doctors and prices Assuta Hospital

Among Israel's foremost experts in the field of surgical correction of obesity should be noted professionals such as Dr. Nir Vaserberg, Dr. Osnat Raziel, Professor Moshe Papp. The cost of treatment abroad is in the following range:

  • The operation of laparoscopic suturing the stomach with the placement in the hospital - 28-33 thousand dollars.
  • Installing a restraining ring doctor's advice - 15 thousand dollars.

Rates are calculated for an operation on an individual basis, as pricing includes diagnostics, personal preparation for surgery and other procedures that may be necessary in a particular situation.

An interview with the patient, "I rethought my life"

I was completely hidden fat. You know, like in the popular advertising, it seemed to me that I have big bones. And in this I see the problem. I was 23, I went to the University as an economist. I did not have friends because I did not want to just be someone's shadow. I went through all the recommendations of nutritionists - drink plenty of water, count calories. I did not have these tricks, and I threw them. In the end, the "stop" I said to my mother, who decided to send me on a gastric bypass surgery in Israel. I traveled to Assuta in the firm conviction that nothing good will come of our venture ...

- You have always been overweight?

No, I was a very active child, involved in gymnastics, dance in elementary school. When I quit training for health reasons, the weight began to arrive. It was hard to have a lot of teasing classmates. I was not like the others. You know, it created the impression that we are all sailing on the river, but I am against the current.

- What weight made you decide to radically change their lives?

At that time, my weight was 112 kg 600 c. Imagine in 23 years ... I do not want to live, I could not enjoy life, have fun, as my peers. It seemed to me that nothing good ahead will be gone.

- How much is your weight now?

At the present time - 77 kg 800 gr. But I was not enough, I want more. Very grateful to doctors for a successful start, I do not want to stop on the way to the goal (laughs).

- What was the most difficult after the surgery?

Learn to eat. Yes it is. It was difficult, because hunger is not felt. The first three weeks I was sitting on a liquid diet and jelly. Some part of me wanted to try other food, but I said to myself, a firm "no."

- What was the most memorable after surgery?

My pants! They fell down with me. It's a great feeling to know that your stuff yesterday now you big. And, of course, now I can go to regular stores - not special boutiques for fat people. It's great!


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