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Treatment in Israel - Assuta

Treatment in Israel - Assuta Treatment in Israel Assuta offers natives and foreign patients. Assuta private health network brings together under its brand clinics in different cities of the country. Created in 1934, the center providing skilled care physicians was conceived by immigrants from Germany. Vector of development institutions was based on three basic principles:

  1. Professional staff (professors, doctors, the average staff).
  2. High quality medicine (technologies, standards, treatments).
  3. New equipment, supplies, drugs.

Each point of the program is implemented. And today Assuta - a modern medical complex, the likes of which is hard to find in the Middle East. And in the world similar level of hospital units. With this treatment in the clinic Assuta at prices much cheaper than in Germany, the USA, Austria, Great Britain and other developed countries of the West. Here the spectrum is performed complicated medical manipulations: diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitative procedures. In the centers of the clinic successfully treat heart disease, cancer, pathology, orthopedic abnormalities, gynecological and urological problems.

Treatment at Assuta Hospital in Israel JCI standards

Today, the largest medical Assuta network includes 11 branches, each of which is famous for established patients receiving conditions of service technology, quality procedures and highly qualified doctors. Unlike clinic from other hospitals - the existence of proven international safety standards.

US-based JCI officially accredited Assuta, thus confirming the high quality of care and safety for patients when performing manipulation of any complexity. This distinction makes it possible to be sure that even the most complex procedures are performed flawlessly here.

Agree planned treatment abroad and to invest in the restoration of health, I want to be sure that all the necessary manipulations will be carried out at the highest level of skill of the Israeli doctors. Going to be treated in Assuta, in this there is no doubt. To pass the accreditation were taken into account such factors as:

  • Organization of the working process from the point of view of equipment and complete the hospital.
  • Compliance with safety standards for patients and staff.
  • Ensuring uninterrupted service of the process applied to the services of the hospital people.
  • Improvement of diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitation technologies.
  • The presence of potential risks to patients, the speed and quality of their elimination.

In Israel, the number of medical errors due to the negligence of medical staff is so insignificant percentage of the total number of patients served, the statistics on this issue is not conducted. In America, every year there are 3000 cases that led to the death of patients. The figure speaks for itself.

Activities Assuta scrutinized for compliance with the strictest international standards on a continual basis to hospital management can address the identified deficiencies in a timely manner. We study the technical documentation of patient care technologies, their satisfaction with the organization of the processes within the institution. Special attention is paid to the development of contractual schemes, which detailed the rights of patients in all situations.

NB! "Treatment in Israel Assuta has the right to be proud of 100%, since the passage of accreditation -. A complex process, changing priorities of the clinic After performing this procedure, we confidently declare - in our branches there is a different understanding of the principles we look at the situation through the eyes turned to us people keep their interests at all stages of treatment, "-. these words belong to Dr. Hai-Am. The head of the branch network sure to be accredited JCI obliged every self-respecting medical facility. Taking the responsibility for the life and health of patients, we are obliged to live up to our hopes and human trust.

Quality above all

Treatment at Assuta Hospital in IsraelAssuta long been a leader in the market of medical services. Careful attention to the clinic comply with quality standards. The establishment of a unified management system, which distinguishes Assuta from competitors. The priority of the quality of patient care, respect for the right to choose a doctor. To draw attention to the problem, contact the people, respect for their traditions, customs, faith and other beliefs.

Having arrived for treatment in Assuta hospital, you will not find the slightest doubt that your health be restored. There is not a single disease, which would be here elevated to the rank of incurable. Assistance is provided to all patients - children and adults. Work is conducted in all directions:

  • oncology;
  • gynecology;
  • orthopedics;
  • hematology and others.

The modern equipment, the professionalism of the Israeli doctors, new drug formulas - all this creates a solid platform for providing high-quality, timely care. If treatment in a clinic held in the early stages, more than 95% given in the forecast for total healing. If the patient asked for help from a doctor in the late stages of the disease, doctors are making every effort to increase the body's resistance to potential disease, enslaving the body. This helps extend the life of the sick person and to significantly improve its quality.

Sign distinctive quality Assuta medical network is based on three basic principles:

  1. A wide range of diagnostic, therapeutic, restorative procedures. Service in all areas of medical practice.
  2. The right to choose the physician that the patient is ready to trust issues.
  3. Unconditional respect for human rights, freedoms, the patient's perspective in the conduct of the treatment process.

Equally important is the availability of services - treatment in Israel Assuta leads at affordable prices. If we compare the available arsenal of tools in the clinic and the leading centers in Europe, the Assuta lower prices by an average of 40%. And this is a substantial amount of the correction of serious diseases.

Attention to detail when patient care is given at all levels of the vertical of power - from the hospital management to line staff. The Gold Standard - the creation of comfort for every person, visit any of the branches of the clinic in Israel. Special attention is paid to compliance with the quality standards of service reliability and safety for the patients.

Creating a high-security barrier due to the professionalism of the doctors working in the Assuta. This leading medical cadres of the country. There are personal practice known Dr. Israel - among them the heads of departments, departments, centers, in other clinics. But if the same public health facilities patient is unlikely to fall to the doctor, who wants to (as it does not choose anyone to be treated), the Assuta can agree on taking it from him. Private medical center offers therapy under the patronage of the best doctors.

Careful processing is subjected to documentary base clinic. Any non-standard situations in the treatment of patients critically analyzed and then identified "weaknesses", which allows the neutralization of an effective policy of risk management. From the last of perfection that are the result of such an approach - reducing the incidence of secondary infections in patients environment. At present, the rate is the lowest in Israel and one of the most illustrative in the world medical practice.

All information about the rapid organization of treatment in Assuta you can find here. The comparative table below describes all the details of the first call to our service to settling in an apartment or in a hospital clinic.

What is the basis of modern medicine?

Treatment in Israel Assutamanagement training system in Israel is based not, as in Russia. In addition to the executive director at the clinic operates medical director at positions which are currently working Orna Ophir. She stressed that the medical network Assuta quality standards at any point (branch) manifested the most. No matter what the city needed treatment in Israel, Assuta is ready to provide the maximum level of service in each of its department. According to Ornan, high quality achievable through strict observance of the bases:

  • Flawless technology therapy, competent combination of the principles of the traditional school with the author's approach to the treatment of diseases.
  • Professionalism of doctors, highly qualified professorial staff, PhD, the rank and file employees of nursing care.
  • Compliance with regulations, strict adherence to the specified parameters.
  • Support Administration, uninterrupted financing, technology development, technical base.

Sure treatment Assuta Ophir will satisfy even the most discerning patients in all aspects: the internal infrastructure and settlement, treatment, attention, staff development, the cost of services ( price Assuta official site in Israel ). Support once reached the level of perfection helps systems thinking managers, the desire of every member of the team to keep the attained level, proud joint successes and achievements.

NB! Everything is built on the little things. Realizing this truth, at Assuta take into account even the smallest nuances, which is based on patient comfort. Next to each bed in the offices located all you need for hand hygiene. Before hospitalization carried out a thorough examination of the patient's health, and to prevent the spread of infections in the clinic. Another example - pain management. Individual management of each patient, preparation of personal protocol analgesic action in the presence of pain of different etiology - a normal practice. Here, none of the patients do not feel the pain, which can be a maddening. Average health is possible thanks to the efforts of the leading physicians of the hospital.

Provide treatment in the clinic Assuta 1500 doctors, among whom the best shots of the Israeli health system. To maintain private practices in the Assuta hospitals network every doctor gets profiled permission from the authorities, it runs a complex system of administrative confirmation. With regard to the internal control system in a medical facility, it is carefully monitored by the work of each doctor conducts successful registry notes the impact of activities on the implementation of his professional duties.

An important point - uninterrupted communication with doctors. Patients ask your doctor any questions and get professional answers to them. Attendants provides the convenience of patients around the clock. Dr. Ophir is especially proud of the radiological department of the clinic, which is rightly recognized as one of the best in the world. Technical equipment is beyond the scope of standardization of equipment. New technological systems cost tens of millions of dollars. With their help, controlled invasive procedures, make scanning and checking the condition of patients with the maximum accuracy, conduct processing of abnormal tissue without harming normal body structures.

Before surgical treatment design in Israel conducts a thorough preparation of the patient for surgery. Personal care of the patient before surgery helps to improve security procedures, to reduce the percentage of postoperative risks of complications. The healing process in the hospital is strictly regulated documentation. Each phase is detailed and prescribed. Works department of internal control, which monitors compliance with the quality standards of the hospital staff. This model is easy to become an ideal for other medical institutions. Therefore Assuta is considered one of the best clinics in the Middle East. Fact - fotolecheniya centers and dialysis have ISO 9002 certification - a document confirming the quality of the procedures at the international level. His Assuta received first in Israel.

High standards of surgery in the treatment in Israel Assuta

Treatment at AssutaSurgical treatment in Israel - the pride of the medical complex. Surgical facilities - is the heart of the hospital, the smooth operation of which is given maximum attention of management. Manages the operational block Zadok Galili. He proudly claims that the technical equipment reliability, compliance with safe service parameters. application of revolutionary methods of work, modernized equipment based on robotic systems, highly qualified doctors - have achieved outstanding success.

According to the doctor, comfort in the operating room is created for all participants in the process - for doctors and patients. The first opportunity to work, it's nice to perform functional duties. The latter do not feel pain, discomfort. If possible Assuta employs a minimally invasive technology that allows you to do less damage, to avoid complications, shorten the rehabilitation period. The emphasis in the treatment of Israel puts on hold conserving surgery. If the authorities can not save by resection, in the course of entering reconstructive surgery, the result of which is difficult to distinguish from that which nature gives birth.

NB! Technologies developed in the online interaction Assuta Israel. Thus, the operating surgeon in the lab sends a suspicious portion of the patient tissue for histological and cytological analysis directly during operation. Then he can push the button to display the image of the tissue structure to visually assess the material until an official statement.

Interesting, but equipping operating theaters screens allows the surgeon during an endoscopy does not change the position of the body, consider trying to interest him in detail. The monitor itself is moving in space physician control. This provides a convenient view angle, a high level of visualization. Ideal standards are respected in the treatment of Israel down to the last detail. Even the lighting unit based on the use of high-power LED lamps, due to which visibility is always excellent, the eyes do not get tired. And implemented in the clinic "pure sex concept" beyond praise. From the floor cleaned and moved upward. This apparatus with brackets, utilities and other things.


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