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A process that controls the size and position of the mitochondria in a cell involved in tumor progression.

The precise radiation therapy in high doses for the treatment of metastatic lesions increases progression-free survival.

In addition to the T-cells, B-cells play an important role in causing inflammation associated with melanoma.

In this study a very large group of patients with HBV-infection was attributed HBcrAg serum with long-term risk of developing liver cancer.

Durvalumab in combination with chemotherapy improves clinical outcomes of patients with lung cancer.

A new major study of the London Institute of Cancer Research, found a family connection in 4.1% of all diagnoses of cancer of the blood.

September 9, 2019 13:48

The role of tumor protein ARID1A

ARID1A performs fundamental functions of tumor suppression, loss of which contributes to the development of cancer.


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