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3D image of cancer cells in the body

May 16, 2018 13:33

Scientists from the University of Halle-Wittenberg Martin Luther developed a new method that can generate detailed three-dimensional images of internal body parts. Development can be used for a more thorough study of the development of cancer cells in the body. The results of the work of scientists was published in «Communication Physic» magazine.

Clinicians and researchers have a better understanding of cancer cells and their properties, to ensure the targeted treatment of cancer.

"Our goal - to visualize the tumor cells inside a living organism, to understand how they operate, subject to and respond to the treatment - researchers noted. - The problem is that cancer cells translucency. This makes it difficult to use optical methods for the study of tumors in the body. "

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Researchers have developed a new method for solving this problem. The first thing they enter a particular gene in the genome of cancer cells. This gene produces fitohromny protein which plays the role of the light sensor. In the next step, scientists illuminate the tissue in short pulses of light with different wavelengths, using a laser. Within the body of the light pulses are absorbed and converted into ultrasonic waves. These waves can be measured outside the body, and on the basis of data obtained restore two images inside of the body. Calculate the difference between the two images creates a three-dimensional picture of the tumor cells.

"Feature fitohromnyh proteins is that they change their structure and therefore their absorption properties, depending on the wavelength of the laser beams. This leads to changes in the amplitude of the ultrasonic waves generated in the tumor cells. None of the other components of the tissue does not have this feature - their signal remains constant "- the researchers noted.

Development of scientists can be used in a large number of pre-clinical studies as well as for monitoring cellular and genetic processes in living organisms.



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