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Acupressure relieves the symptoms of long-term treatment of breast cancer

January 17, 2019 11:44

New research has shown that acupressure facilitates a number of permanent side effects that may occur after the treatment of breast cancer.

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In 2016, researchers from the Cancer Center of the University of Michigan Rogelio reported that acupressure helped reduce fatigue patients.

In the new study, they examined the effect of massage on the symptoms that often accompany this population group: chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and poor sleep. They found that acupressure has improved all of these symptoms compared with standard treatment.

In a study of patients surviving after breast cancer who reported fatigue, they were divided into two groups: one made massage, while others were the usual treatment. Women were taught how to find and stimulate the massage point, so that they can perform their homes once a day for six weeks.

"Fatigue - the long-term side effect, which is a serious problem", - said study author Suzanne M. Zick.

The new analysis was focused on 288 patients who reported other symptoms in addition to fatigue. Every week they were asked about fatigue, quality of sleep, symptoms of depression, anxiety and pain. The results are published in the JNCI Cancer Spectrum.

Acupressure - one of the foundations of traditional Chinese medicine, including finger pressure on specific points on the body. The researchers tested two types of point massage: relaxing and stimulating acupressure. These two techniques differ depending on the stimulated points. Both types of acupressure was more effective than standard care, while reducing anxiety and pain that interferes with daily life.

The researchers also assessed, whether helped eliminate one symptom and eliminate others. They found that massage has also improved the quality of sleep. The researchers suspect that these symptoms affect a number of different ways, affecting the brain in several ways. This means that the treatment may need to be adapted and changed depending on symptoms and other factors.

The researchers plan to collect more information using neuroimaging to understand the brain pathways involved. They also conduct two clinical trials to further explore the effect of acupressure. In collaboration with experts from the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan, they have developed a special detector for point massage, which helps to ensure that the appropriate pressure.

Acupressure is an attractive option because it can be done at home with minimal adverse effects. Research has shown that women can learn how to have the right pressure to the appropriate point.



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