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Alcohol activates the breast cancer gene and prevents treatment

September 8, 2017 17:22

Scientists at the University of Houston found that drinking alcohol activates the gene that causes breast cancer. In addition, alcohol intake and improving the BRAF gene level reduces the effect of the drug tamoxifen, which blocks the female hormone estrogen.

They found that alcohol intake increases the number of malignant cells in the prostate by increasing the action of estrogen. It turned out that the risk of cancer has, even in the absence of estrogen, as the alcohol causes a stable expression of a carcinogenic gene, simulating the presence of hormone.

Chin-Lin Yo, one of the scientists conducting the study, said that the results may be useful for women taking hormonal agents. They need to know how alcohol affects the levels of hormones in time to discover the symptoms.

"We hope the results will serve as sufficient motivation for the choice of a healthy lifestyle In addition, data can be considered in the chemical prevention of disease, and it will reduce mortality from breast cancer in the future.", - says Lin.

And he adds: "We want to give women a more detailed and accurate data on alcohol action to enable them to self-health risk assessment This also applies to those who already have breast cancer Perhaps they will take into account the harmful effects of.. alcoholic beverages on the course of treatment and, consequently, change their lifestyle and habits. "

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