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ADT is connected with an increased risk of heart failure

November 7, 2018 12:10

ADT was associated with a 72 percent increased risk of heart failure in the study of patients with prostate cancer.

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The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology study, the incidence per 100 person of heart failure during the 1-year follow-up period was 4.00 and 1.89 for users of androgen therapy and those who did not participate, respectively. The study included data from the long-term health insurance in Taiwan in 2005 on 1244 patients who received androgen deprivation therapy and 1806 patients who did not receive it.

"The results of our study provide information to patients with prostate cancer, make them aware of the potential of heart failure in the treatment of androgen deprivation" - the authors write. "We recommend that clinicians advise their patients regarding modifiable risk factors for heart failure, was offered to improve their way of life and, in addition, to provide familiarization patients about the risks of cardiovascular system when receiving androgen deprivation therapy."



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