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Australians learned early diagnosis of kidney disease

13 June 2017 16:15


kidney diseaseAustralia (Melbourne) scientist Yugish Lankadeva created an innovative method by which you can diagnose kidney disease in the early stages. Timely detection of the inflammatory process will take corrective measures to neutralize a possible threat to the patient's life. According to medical statistics Australia, over a third of people suffering from kidney disease, dying of acute failure due to sepsis developed in the tissues. Every year the number of deaths exceeds 3,000.

Until recently, the mechanisms of sepsis have been poorly understood, so discover critical violations in the work of the kidneys at an early stage it was not possible. In spite of the imminent arrival of emergency crews, the situation does not change. Patients have time to bring to the hospital alive, but death comes even before the doctors will have their life-saving assistance. The new equipment can radically change the vicious practice.

According to the observations Yunisha, developing inflammation causes the blood flow to the kidneys, but inside the body there is a reverse situation - in the cavity of the liquid falls to a lesser extent. The lack of oxygen leads to organ failure. Scientists have suggested that the urine on the oxygen content will help you understand the state of the kidneys, since they produce the production of urine.

The new method allows the study accurately identify patients at risk for acute renal failure. Regular treatment in the laboratory and putting urine analysis prevent the onset of a negative scenario, and will start the timely prevention of terrible diseases.

In August 2016 invented Yunishem equipment will be officially tested within the Austin Hospital. The equipment is planned to be used in the intensive care unit, including for survivors of coronary artery bypass surgery and other operations on the heart muscle. Cardiac surgery patients is also high risk of renal failure.


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