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Bariatric surgery is associated with a lower risk of colorectal cancer

February 10, 2020 11:01

Research shows that bariatric surgery can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer patients. For a long time, obesity was associated with an increased risk of colorectal cancer and other cancers, as well as an increased risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes andheart disease. It is believed that weight loss reduces these risks.

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"Our results confirm once again that these operations do have an overall protective effect against colorectal cancer for obese people", - says Dr. Suleiman Almazidi hospital named Jaber Al-Ahmad in Kuwait, who led the study.

Scientists examined data from seven previous studies that have seen more than 1.2 million patients for about seven years. Cancer of the colon and rectum was rare, it has developed only 638 people in the course of the study. Experts report that compared with patients with obesity, which has not been done bariatric surgery, the chance of developing colorectal cancer by 35% lower.

"Obesity is one of the most preventable cause of early death, and it is an epidemic, should not be taken lightly, - says Almazidi -. Although lifestyle changes and drug therapy have long been a cornerstone of this problem, bariatric surgery is vital. "

In the studies in the analysis of various methods, although none of them has been designed to evidence that bariatric surgery has a direct impact on the risk of colorectal cancer. The researchers also did not have enough information about the pre-operative body mass index, post-operative weight loss and type of bariatric surgery.

"The main explanation for reducing the risk of cancer, including colorectal cancer after bariatric surgery, is the degree of weight loss," - says Dr. Bruce Wolfe, a researcher at the University of Health and Science in Portland Oregon, who was not involved in the study. Earlier studies have shown that obese people need to lose 20% of their weight to get the best results in terms of reducing the risk of cancer. Bariatric surgery - the best way to achieve this.

"When people lose weight after bariatric surgery, there are many changes that affect the risk of developing cancer - said Dr. Daniel Schauer, of the Medical College of the University of Cincinnati in Ohio -. It is possible that in the body reduce inflammation and the risk of many tumor growth factors associated with obesity. This is due to weight loss. "

These studies were presented at the XXIV World Congress of the International Federation of Surgery of Obesity and metabolic disorders in Madrid.



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