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Bioengineers raised living bone for facial reconstruction

20 December 2017 14:19


Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery - Region subtle matter behind which lies the good looks and health. Recovering from serious injuries suffered by operations and the elimination of congenital defects is difficult. This is a lengthy and expensive process. Through the development of the research team at Columbia University, led by Professor Gordana Vunzhak-Novakovic appeared unique material - bone grown in the laboratory, to fully convey the parameters of human bone material.

For the experiment, the scientists used the fat cells of pigs and cows bone grafts. Surgically removed pigs lower jawbone gap length of 6 cm. Withdrawal place determined, based on the maximum load which arises in this area during chewing. Instead, the extracted material was set frame made of cow tibia. Pre removed implantable living cells in a frame, foundation was protein matrix. Given frame coinciding with a relief of the jaw swine shape by applying 3-D modeling technology.

For the early development of the implant in the tissue, scientists have introduced stem cells porcine adipose tissue in the jaw frame through special incisions. cell osseointegration was three weeks. They are accustomed to create for them an incubator, triggering the growth of bone tissue that fills the matrix. In total, the study involved 14 pigs:

  • 6 animals were used in implants on the basis of their own stem cells in the inner cavities of the framework;
  • 6 of them frame covered with stem cells, causing them to surface bone cow;
  • 2 more swine underwent medical antiseptic treatment for natural healing without the use of the implant jaw.

Observation was conducted by scientists for six months. The results were promising, as it was found that the jaw bone recovery took place in all three groups of pigs, but showed the most progress with stem cell implants embedded in them. Tests have shown that artificial bone graft of inherent high strength, excellent performance.

The researchers argue that the reconstruction of facial bones is the most complicated in the maxillofacial surgeons. An important role is played by the exact match of the relief natural bone and implanted the product, as well as the strength of the implant. In the future we plan to conduct clinical trials, obtain the approval of regulatory agencies and to apply the technique of creating the bone material to restore the deformed bones and eliminate birth defects.


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