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Blockade PRMT5 protein - a new direction in the treatment of glioblastoma

October 26, 2016 14:33


treatment of glioblastomaResearch conducted at the Center for cancer study at the University of Ohio, showed that blocking PRMT5 protein (protein arginine methyltransferase 5) accelerates the natural aging of cancer cells and leads to a cessation of tumor growth.

PRMT5 protein regulates several intracellular processes, including transcription of the gene. Its overexpression cells, brain glioblastoma is associated with more aggressive disease. Scientists have found an important role PRMT5 in reproduction and maturation of tumor cells, as well as their survival.

As Balvin Cor notes professor neurosurgery department at the University of Ohio, as well as the project manager, the results of this study hold promise for the development of PRMT5 protein specific inhibitors that can be of great help in the treatment of patients with glioblastoma.

Malignant brain tumors represent a serious problem for the US health care system. For 2015 it was revealed more than 11,800 new cases of glioblastoma. Despite the advances of modern neurosurgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy, the survival rate in this type of tumor is only 12-15 months. One factor glioblastoma poor response to therapy - a low degree of differentiation of cells. Experts argue that medicine needs a more effective treatments.

A study conducted at the University of Ohio, opens new horizons to find innovative ways to treat glioblastoma - the most malignant and aggressive brain tumor. Conclusions of scientists published in the journal Oncogene.

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