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Marriage prolongs life of cancer patients

4 January 2017 16:18

People suffering from cancer and having a family, will be able to live longer. Life expectancy also depends on the place of birth and race. These were the results of research, recently published in «Cancer» magazine.

According to scientists, a combination of two factors - the aging population and the multiplication of the number of persons who are not married and do not have a family, means that these results may have implications for public health.

"People who are married, are very different from the single. They tend to lead a healthy lifestyle, adhere to proper nutrition, engaged, participate in preventive health activities in time are treated to exhibit social activity "- note the scientists, among them - the doctor of the California Institute for Cancer Prevention Scarlett Lin Gomez. But there are other unexplained mechanisms that govern the relationship between marriage and oncology.

People diagnosed with cancer who do not have the second half, 27% die faster. According to statistics by the California researchers found that about 783,200 people suffered from cancer in the early 2000s. Data were collected on all patients, namely, address of residence, sex, race, age group and marital status, date of determination of diagnosis and initiation of therapy. Patients were observed by doctors until 2012. Among these people - we are married have been noted more favorable forecasts.

The mortality of patients without family, about 20% higher in married women. At unmarried men mortality is 27% higher compared with married.

The scientists also concluded that this figure depends on the human race. Patients with fair skin, ill oncology, lived longer than Hispanics and Asians. But the last group of people born in the United States, had a better prognosis than those who were born outside the country.

Dr. Gomez commented on the results as follows: "Earlier studies showed a similar picture, our work confirms the key role of social support. We must continue to examine the question, and then it will be clear to a specific reason behind these allegations. "

In October last year, according to the results of a clinical study it was reported that people who are married, recover faster from heart surgery, compared to the blank.

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