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What happens when artificial stimulation of the brain?

October 26, 2016 17:08

26/09/2016 19:30

brain stimulationbrain stimulation using electricity or other means able to alleviate the symptoms of neurological and psychiatric disorders. This method is already used to treat epilepsy and depression.

What happens when the brain stimulation? Scientists know little about the effectiveness of this approach.

A new study led by the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Buffalo makes new strides in filling these gaps. It describes how a site stimulation affects the activity of other areas and body as a whole.

If the doctor a patient with a specific disorder, how to decide which parts of the brain to stimulate? The study used a computer model to simulate brain activity of eight people. We studied the effect of the process on each of the 83 zones in the brain of each participant.

While individual results were different, the general trend is still there.

Network Hubs, the brain areas that are closely related to other parts with a white substance, reflect what researchers call "high functional effect": stimulation of these areas has led to the global activation of many body areas.

Stimulation of areas relating to the subcortical structures of the brain, and stimulation of network passive mode of the brain resulted in global changes. The brain at rest is able to quickly switch to a new active state to perform certain tasks.

In contrast to these zones, areas associated weaker, such as sensory and associative brain cortex showed limited impact on brain activity during stimulation.

The studies suggested that doctors could conduct two classes of therapy when it comes to brain stimulation, "a relief" that changes the global dynamics of the brain, or a more targeted approach, focusing on stimulating specific areas.

The study confirms the results of previous scientific work in relation to handling structural brain networks, Bassett spent together with other scientists. In contrast to previous experiments using linear modeling to achieve results in the new study used non-linear models that better reflect the complex brain activity.

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