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Diagnosing diseases with no known antigen blood test using

January 9, 2018 11:05

Once for detection of cancer, autoimmune diseases and many other diseases will be enough of one drop of blood, according to the team of scientists from the University of Pittsburgh.

In the journal "Methods of Immunology» (the Journal of Immunological Methods) researchers explain the essence of the developed test that is able to identify the disease, the cause of which is not the germs.

Antigens are substances portion bacteria, viruses or chemicals that induce an immune response in the organism that cause the immune system to produce antibodies that are aimed at the destruction of alien elements. Some segments of these take the form of antibody molecules inside antigens with a view to their destruction.

However, there are a number of diseases for which there is no known antigens - cancer, autoimmune disease, trauma, which complicates the process of detection using blood tests.

Peptoids, and antibodies

For the study, researchers used a technique first applied Kodadekom Thomas (Thomas Kodadek). It produces millions of molecular forms, known as peptoids, which are attached to microscopic plastic beads.

If the peptoid corresponding form antibodies, they are associated. Investigators may then remove the plastic beads and analyzed peptoid and antibody attached thereto.

Scientists have used this method to produce a wide range of peptoids, applying them to the blood of patients with HIV and without it, in order to identify molecular forms, which will contact the HIV antibodies.

hundreds of infected and healthy blood samples were studied. The researchers re-synthesized pepotoidy targeted for HIV antibodies and applied them to blood samples. During testing, it was not known which samples are positive, some are negative. Scientists have found that analysis pinpoints the infected and healthy blood sample.

According to the authors of the study, the results of this work brings us a step closer to a diagnosis of a large number of diseases only one drop of blood. This technology means soon be possible to take the patient's blood and to identify antibodies to various infections, malignant diseases and other pathologies.

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