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Additional nursing care improves the quality of life of patients

April 13, 2018 14:10

Constant monitoring lung cancer patients improves their quality of life. In Quebec, Canada, in addition to the physician appeared post-nurse coordinator. The study, presented at the European Congress on Lung Cancer Therapy in Geneva, showed that these services improve the lives of patients during treatment.

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"Position nurse coordinator has been fixed by the Ministry of Health and Social Services of Quebec in 2005 in the framework of the campaign" Fight against cancer ", - said study author Eli Kasuf, Hematology and Oncology of Canada. - However, during the existence of this position have been collected little data on the impact of nurse-coordinator on the lives of patients. The main objective of the study was to determine the benefits of additional nursing care. "

"During the study, patients in addition to standard treatment used by nurse-coordinator services. Each nurse watched 50-60 patients - explains Kasuf. - Do nurses have medical history of patients, and it is planned to medical appointments. If the patient called to report about the warning signs, the nurse made arrangements for an emergency admission as soon as possible, without having to go through the usual emergency care system. "

To study the effectiveness of this service, Kasuf selected 65 patients with lung cancer at the University Hospital of Notre Dame in Montreal, three months after the start of treatment. Patients were divided into two cohorts of 82% was obtained additional nursing care, while 12% did not have access to this service. Patients in both cohorts responded to questions about the quality of life and understanding of health.

"Patient satisfaction covers four aspects of the relationship with your doctor: interpersonal skills, empathy, sharing of information and the quality of time, - says Kasuf. - The difference in the estimates that we observed between the two cohorts, on all counts was significant. "

With regard to the assessment of the quality of services, the vast majority of patients stated that they had a better understanding of the course of disease and treatment side effects, and that the presence of the coordinating nurse gave them more strength in the fight against cancer, "- says Kasuf.

Due to the small sample size of patients and limiting one hospital it is difficult to generalize the findings. "Earlier data show that lung cancer - a malignant disease associated with the highest level of psychological distress in comparison with other forms of cancer. Experiencing frustration in psychosocial terms, these patients may be particularly susceptible to the benefits of continuous monitoring and increased medical supervision, "- adds Kasuf.



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