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Fitness games are struggling with a sedentary lifestyle

October 4, 2017 17:39

20/03/2017 18:05

Fitness games Digital games are perceived as the cause of a sedentary lifestyle. According to the thesis Tuomas Kari games can improve health. Fitness games combine the entertainment of the physical activity. The game requires the exercise of a gamer, and the result is partially determined by such exercises. For example, dance games on the console, and mobile applications (Run Zombies and Pokemon GO).

One major advantage of the fitness game - the ability to combine pleasure and benefit, and for many it is a significant cause. Games offer physical activity users. Exercises are especially exciting for those who are less interested in training - says Kari.

Traditional video and computer games are harmful to health. Given this, the fitness game is recommended as an alternative to the traditional. In the long run these games on their own are not enough to increase physical activity and fitness levels needed to improve health. Along with the fitness games need to be engaged in other sports.

For many, the game - is communication with your friends, because it is played in a group more often. Thanks to the game easier to communicate with new people and make new friends, which increases social health - says Kari.

Kari work shows that fitness games are equally popular among men and women, but more common among younger age groups. Physical activity does not affect the frequency of fitness games, but more active gamers are more likely to use them.

Kari study provides new knowledge for the scientific community. The author presents a number of practical solutions. One of them is the development of games with sports jobs. Targets should be fun as well as a health benefit is not enough motivation for the game. In his thesis Kari adhered to user-centered approach and examined the relevant aspects of the process for the use of games: the intention, the use habits and reasons for not using.



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