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Physical activity reduces the risk of developing lung cancer, regardless of length of smoking

April 14, 2017 17:21


Recent preliminary studies have allowed scientists to identify the relationship between the occurrence of lung cancer in people with different experience of smoking and physical activity. They found that regular physical exercise significantly reduce the progression of the disease.

The scientists noted that these conclusions are made with respect to current and former smokers, adding that a more complete analysis is necessary to carry out a number of additional studies with people who do not smoke and do not smoke.

In the study, 28 scientific papers have been thoroughly analyzed. Each was evaluated on the basis of many characteristics.

Pointed number of cases evaluated sports and recreational activities, levels of influence of confounding factors. In addition, the effectiveness of physical activity in relation to the development of lung cancer was assessed as a whole, and for certain categories of people.

The analysis has revealed an inverse association between recreational physical activity and the risk of lung cancer. Histological analysis confirmed this fact and also showed that between the development of adenocarcinoma, squamous cell and small cell lung cancer and physical rehabilitation of smokers there is an inverse relationship.

"In assessing the impact of length of smoking on the development of lung cancer with regular physical activity were considered the only people who smoke now or smoked in the past. Those who did not smoke, were taken into account only in 4 studies. Therefore, further analysis of this population, "- scientists say.

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