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Physical activity improves the condition of patients with lung cancer

October 22, 2018 13:51

Most people do not know with lung cancer about the benefits of regular exercise, but new data show that physical activity can significantly reduce fatigue and improve health. The results of two studies to be presented at the ESMO Congress 2018 in Munich, emphasize the value of exercise, including for patients with advanced or metastatic lung cancer.

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More than half (54%) of patients with advanced cancer who underwent interrogation in the Cancer Center in Queensland, Australia, did not know about the benefits of exercise, and only 22% have followed the recommendations of the World Health Organization concerning physical activity.

"Not everyone knows that light aerobic exercise and strength training can be a part of the treatment of lung cancer as a cancer therapy," - says Dr. Quan Tran, an oncologist.

At least six of the 10 respondents stated that they did not train due to fatigue or breathlessness. More than half have called a bad mood, lack of motivation, pain and side effects of treatment barriers for sport. The study also showed that the less active patients was significantly less social support.

"Patients have become more active in the support of friends or groups They felt that to be with others in a similar situation, motivated to overcome barriers,." - explained Tran.

The second study, conducted among 227 patients with advanced or metastatic lung cancer, showed that those who regularly do the exercises, general physical condition during chemotherapy was better.

During the study, patients involved in sports for 45 minutes three times a week. Patients who have performed at least 70% of the exercises really achieved significant results. Fatigue Performance decreased by 10%, functional status improved by 11%, and overall physical health - by 8%.

Commenting on the results of two studies ESMO, Dr Martin Styuver of Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands, noted that the Society of Clinical Oncology Australia recommends exercise as a part of standard cancer treatment. He stressed the importance of raising awareness of the benefits of exercise, including in cancer.

"Now we have to figure out which program is best suited for patients with various forms and stages of cancer, and how to achieve various results, such as reducing fatigue and improving physical fitness, - says Styuver -. From a scientific point of view, we need to understand how to classify patients according to the type of exercise that will have the most beneficial effect on quality of life. "



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