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Genetic screening - the basis of the choice of the course of treatment for leukemia in children

January 19, 2018 16:42

leukemia in childrenResearchers from the University of Newcastle was carried out large-scale study, in which they were able to predict the consequences of the treatment of children who have passed the course of therapy after leukemia again found cancer cells.

The development of leukemia caused by the presence of genetic defects in developing leukocytes. On the survival of children diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia affect various combinations occurring genetic disorders. Although genetic screening has long been used for the choice of treatment, but until recently it was not clear how to use markers to further the healing process in case of relapse.

Children at repetition disease are divided into 2 groups based on criteria such as the presence and duration of remission of leukemia cells in the bone marrow at the time of relapse. If the risk is high, then it shows the stem cell transplant, and otherwise - a common chemotherapy treatment.

Professor Anthony Muran said that to date the methods used to treat leukemia relapse, are not accurate enough. Some children who are difficult to cytostatic therapy, in fact, could be saved. Therefore, screening of individual genetic variations that determine the outcome of therapeutic action, greatly increases a child's chances of survival.

Dr. Alasdair Rankin said: "These results represent a significant advance in the individual approach to the treatment of these patients However, further studies are needed and It is necessary to check the correctness of the prescribed therapy for relapsed disease based on genetic factors This... will significantly increase the survival rate. "

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