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dogs genes help to understand the nature of brain tumors in humans

January 12, 2018 14:58

gliomaScientists have studied the genomes of dogs predisposed to brain tumors. This is - rocks with wide and short skulls (boxers, bulldogs, pugs and other). The study of genetics has helped them to advance in the understanding of the occurrence of glioma in humans.

Cellular composition of tumors in dogs and humans is practically the same, and even occurs with the same frequency. Adequate living conditions, and the ability to track changes hereditary allowed scientists to use dogs as a model man.

Researchers have identified the genes responsible for the development of gliomas by comparing the genetic markers in healthy dogs and animals with glioma. The results were subjected to a thorough genetic analysis.

As a result, research scientists have discovered three genes that have a susceptibility to cancer: CAMKK2, P2RX7, and DENR. Then they measured their activity in normal and pathological tissue was fixed CAMKK2 reduced activity of a gene in the tumor.

"The findings suggest the need for their continuation Knowledge of the role of these genes in the development of gliomas would be useful not only for dogs, but also for the people.", - says Prof. Karin Nilsson.

And he adds: "We hope that further study of these genes will deepen the understanding of the origin of gliomas and enable to find more effective ways to treat it."

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