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And chemotherapy, and immunotherapy may be better for patients with bladder cancer

April 12, 2018 16:57

Researchers from Mount Sinai discovered that simultaneous chemotherapy and immunotherapy in patients with metastatic bladder cancer is safe and that patients whose tumors have certain genetic mutations may respond particularly well to this combination approach, according rezultatatam clinical trial.

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Although chemotherapy and immunotherapy have become standard treatment options for metastatic bladder cancer was previously unknown whether these therapies can be used together, and may be any side effects of chemotherapy, such as weakened immunity, inhibit immunotherapy. Phase 2 test was carried out in six cancer centers, and patients in the study did not show any additional or more severe side effects than patients who receive chemotherapy or immunotherapy, the output, which showed that the combined therapy is a safe alternative.

Researchers have shown that immunotherapy can stimulate immune cells in the blood of patients receiving concurrent chemotherapy, ahead of concerns that chemotherapy may counteract the effects of immunotherapy.

"Because chemotherapy and immunotherapy are the two basics of the treatment of metastatic bladder cancer, we sought to better understand how these treatments are best given together", - said Matthew Gal, MD. "The results of this study have inspired the creation of two more to improve the treatment of patients with bladder cancer by combining chemotherapy with immunotherapy."

One of the new test, which Dr. Gal headed to Mount Sinai and other Centers, giving chemotherapy and immunotherapy of a variety of patients with bladder cancer at an early stage to determine whether the combination is to get rid of the need for surgery to remove the bladder , the standard treatment, but one with the consequences of changes in quality of life, which includes the wearing out of the body bag to collect urine. Another study combined two different regimes of chemotherapy with immunotherapy for determining the best types of chemotherapy drugs to be combined with immunotherapy.

Dr. Gal said that the current situation represents the importance of team science. Dr. Gal, and Andrew Uzilov, PhD, director of the Cancer Genomics and other researchers have suggested that patients with tumors with certain genetic mutations can best respond to the combination of chemotherapy and immunotherapy. Indeed, they found that certain types of mutations in the DNA damage response genes have been associated with a better response to combined chemotherapy and immunotherapy. If confirmed in future studies, these results may add a new biomarker in the "tools for accurate cancer" and will affect the selection of patients who may benefit from the simultaneous use of chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

"Our work - an example of the use of genomics for precision medicine. When the search function in the DNA gene loss mutation we can predict who will do well in combination therapy, "- said Dr. Uzilov," In our study we examined the DNA pool of 55 genes as a predictive biomarker. Now we learn which of these genes and what types of mutations within them best predict response to treatment, and interact with the DNA of other predictors immunotherapeutic response. "



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