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PARP inhibitor increases the effectiveness of therapy in patients with lung cancer

24 July 2018 14:24

The second phase of the study, conducted by researchers from the Cancer Center Andersonapri the University of Texas showed that the addition of PARP inhibitor to veliparibu and standard chemotherapeutic agents, improved overall response rates in patients with small cell lung cancer. Researchers have also identified a group of patients whose tumors eksperssirovali SLFN11, indicating promising biomarker inhibitor sensitivity.

Information on how for to the carry out the treatment of lung cancer in Israel, the Specialists: best of the country, a leave a request and will of <br> we contact you shortly.

The study is published in the journal JournalofClinicalOncology. Currently, studies are ongoing to confirm the results, which may lead to new therapies dlyaagressivnogo lung cancer.

According to the American Cancer Society, in 2018 the disease will die 154050 patsientov.Etot type of cancer is primarily associated with smoking, which is about 10-15% of all lung cancers. "Currently, the survival of the majority of patients with small cell lung cancer is less than year - says Lauren Byers, author issledovaniya.- we have no approved targeted therapies, or biomarkers Patients need new options for treatment.."

IngibitorPARP as a therapeutic target has been detected Byers during her work in the laboratory of John Haymaha, MD. PARP inhibitors inhibit DNA repair pathway, this class of inhibitors are currently approved for treatment of metastatic BRCA mutant and ovarian cancer.

The study identified a biomarker that determines which patients therapy will be effective. Byers and her colleagues issledovali104 patient. In the period from 2012 to 2015 godpatsienty twice a day to take a veliparib or placebo, with a standard chemotherapy regimen. The best response to treatment showed patients taking veliparib.

In the study, researchers also identified biomarkers that could predict the response to PARP inhibitors in cancer. These included PARP1 expression and protein called SLFN11, previously pokazalchuvstvitelnost to inhibitors of PARP in the first study laboratorii.Eto SLFN11 as biomarker in clinical conditions.

"We hope that PARP inhibitors one day will be the first targeted therapy for patients with small cell lung cancer, - says Bayers.-Now, with the discovery of biomarkers, we have a way to determine which patients will respond best to treatment."

Based on these results, a study on inhibitors of PARP prodolzhayutsya.V Byers separate study also tests veliparib at a higher dose in combination with chemotherapy. Byers received a grant from the National Institutes of Health to find out the effectiveness of PARP inhibitors povyshayutli therapy combined with immunotherapy.



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