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Innovative technology - bionic eye

6 December 2017 13:39

Today, thanks to advances in technology unattainable becomes real. Bionic eye returns partial sight totally blind people. He is developing a US company Second Sight Medical Products, has received FDA approval. The research was conducted for fifteen years.

Recently, doctors have been able to regain the possibility of fifty-five-year patient Roger Pontes diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, a rare genetic disorders leading to total blindness.

In this disease in the retinal pigment epithelium, degenerative changes observed; loss of photoreceptors; pigment accumulates preventing perception rays retina. Gradually the person becomes blind.

Mr. Pontes was fortunate to be one of the four people who were chosen for the implantation of the device. He received a bionic prosthetic eyeball, equipped with sensors. The special glasses embedded video camera records images of the surrounding world. Camcorder transmit electrical signals to the sensors, where they are transformed into shapes and colors become. This occurs as follows: healthy carried stimulation of sensory cells that transmit the pulse to the optic nerve, responsible for momentum transfer to the brain. CNS produces treatment of nerve impulses, transforming them into images.

Bionic prosthesis restores partial vision in patients with retinitis pigmentosa. As prerequisites for implantation is considered: the presence of the diagnosis of blindness in both eyes, and age - from 25 years. an operation time - about four and a half hours. A few days later the patient stays in the clinic under constant medical supervision. rehabilitation period includes teaching techniques, how to maintain and strengthen the vision.

Upon completion of the course of recovery, Mr. Pontes began to distinguish objects of black and white, and then - see objects. Bionic eye gives you the ability to navigate in space, without the need for outside help.

Scientists believe that this technology can be applied in the treatment of cataracts and keratoconus.


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