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Excision of lymph nodes can cause chronic pain

December 1, 2017 15:37

lymph node excisionA recent study by researchers at McMaster University found that women who had undergone surgery to remove a malignant breast tumor and excision of lymph nodes, more likely to suffer from chronic pain. The findings were published in the online edition of «CMAJ».

"Ten-year survival time for patients with breast cancer is 83% today. Of these, about 60% may experience chronic pain after an operation, "- said the study's lead author, Jason Busse.

Under his leadership, the international research team conducted a systematic review analyzed 30 observational studies, which were attended by 20 000 women. All participants had surgery to remove a breast tumor. Scientists have examined the age, weight of patients, radiation therapy and chemotherapy, lymph node dissections and other factors that influenced the development of chronic pain after surgery.

Data analysis showed no links between BMI, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and the appearance of chronic pain patients. However, damage to the sensory nerves in the underarm area when removing lymph nodes scientists associated with an increased likelihood of developing chronic pain.

"We can not be sure that the efforts to preserve the nerves during surgery will prevent the emergence of pain - said Busse. - While we found 21% increased risk of its development after surgery involving the removal of lymph nodes in the underarm area, save the nerve is not always possible ".

Changes in the treatment of breast cancer, however, occur throughout the world. Current standards in the field of surgery are modernized, and already it is possible to carry out a biopsy of the sentinel node, through which can significantly reduce the likelihood of complications in patients.

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