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The study of risk factors for endometrial cancer

October 26, 2016 11:44

risk factors for endometrial cancerA team of scientists from Australia, Belgium, China, Germany, Norway, Sweden, England and the United States have published their report in the journal Nature Genetics. Endometrial cancer develops in the womb, when its cells begin to grow uncontrollably. According to the American Cancer Society, the disease is the most common cancer of the female genital organs in the United States, where it is supposed to diagnose already 60,050 new cases in 2016.

For the study, researchers used the DNA of more than 7,000 women with endometrial cancer and 37,000 healthy women. They have identified genetic factors that influence the risk of developing the disease. As a result, five novel genes were identified that had not previously been associated with endometrial cancer. Although some of them contribute to the risk of developing cancer of the ovaries, prostate and other common species.

One of the authors, Dr. Deborah Thompson of the University of Cambridge in the UK, said: "Our findings help us to create a clearer picture of the genetic causes of endometrial cancer in women, especially where there is no history of heredity."

Study co-author Amanda Spardl states: "When the researchers will collect more complete data on the risk factors of the disease, then it will be clear how to further deal with these genes But we can already start looking for drugs that are approved and. available for use. "

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