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The study explains the racial differences in prostate cancer

May 10, 2018 11:49

New research published in Molecular Oncology, may help explain why African-American men are at higher risk for prostate cancer and have a higher risk of dying from the disease compared to European American men.

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When researchers analyzed samples from prostate cancer patients, they found that the signaling molecule called interleukin-6 (IL6), overexpressed in tumor tissues mixtures in African-American men than men of European origin.

Additional experiments showed that IL6 inhibits protein expression of the tumor suppressor p53, promotes self-renewal of cancer cells and cells associated with stem cell lines prostate cancer.

"Our latest research has found that IL6 enriched tissue environment surrounding the high-grade prostate cancer tumors from African-American men," - said senior author Dr. Alicia bolligen-Fisher of the Institute of Cancer Barbara Ann Karmanos in Detroit. "We not only found that IL6 inactivates the tumor suppressor p53 in this context, our research showed that IL6 from the environment of cancer cells causes an increase in the protein variant called MBD2_v2, which contributes to the expansion of aggressive cancer cells, known as stem cells of the prostate gland, which are considered a source of therapeutic resistance and growth of metastatic tumors. "

In a subsequent study by Dr. bolligen-Fischer Laboratory will get a better idea about this new signal cancer process, activated the IL6, derived from the tumor environment. "Our goal - to identify opportunities for the development of transformation, targeted therapies to overcome imbalances in the race and improve results for all men with aggressive prostate cancer," - she said.



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