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Researchers presented a report on the improvement of the diagnosis

November 21, 2018 12:03

According to the new report, cancer screening significantly influenced the reduction of morbidity and mortality. The report, published in CA: The Cancer Journal for Clinicians, the authors summarize the screening status and represent the main issues of further promotion of screening for anti-cancer.

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The authors of a new report led by Robert A. Smith, vice president of screened American Cancer Society, said that even if new discoveries to improve the results are not always able to realize the potential of existing technologies due to the lack of access to the target population, and first aid on each critical stage cancer treatment.

The report said about the basic strategies for improving the screening:

  • Research to improve existing methods of selection

Research should be directed to the promotion of organized screening. Elements of this study should include an examination of reminder systems, population management and messaging with the public. On a larger scale studies are needed on the organization of health services and payment.

  • to improve the quality and efficacy of screening tests

It is necessary to improve the evaluation of the effectiveness of existing screening technologies, support research and development in order to improve and develop existing technologies. Equally important are the quality standards of the program, providing performance monitoring.

  • Research to develop new strategies for screening

It is necessary to test new screening areas and to develop new, more efficient and affordable screening tests. All approaches to screening include risk assessment. We have drawn up recommendations to identify individuals who are at higher risk for certain cancers.

  • Research to develop effective ways of screening for those cancers for which screening is not carried out now

The current screening strategy is not developed and tested for cancer of the pancreas, which in 2030 is likely to become the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States among both men and women. liver cancer and for cancer of the bladder also need reliable and practical screening tests based on risk.

"Screening - one of the most successful strategies in the history of the fight against cancer, but its potential is not fully disclosed, - says Dr. Smith -. Millions of people who recommend the screening, do not pass it."

The report concludes that the obstacles to improved selection of indicators, it is necessary to systematically identify and correct. Research is needed to improve the existing strategies for screening and finding new, despite the fact that the current level of investment in this type of research is not enough.



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