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Obesity leads to renal cancer

April 28, 2017 15:59

24/04/2017 17:07

Obesity leads to renal cancerIt is estimated the new research Cancer Research UK, in England in the last decade of 20,000 cases of kidney cancer are caused by obesity.

Over the past 10 years in the UK kidney cancer rates increased by 40 percent, and is expected to continue to rise. Research Cancer Research UK show that by 2035 the UK performance can increase by 26 percent. A quarter (24 per cent)of cases of kidney cancer are associated with being overweight, and 24 percent - smoking.

Studies show that obesity is associated with 13 types of cancer, including kidney cancer. Scientists have yet to figure out how overweight or obese cause cancer, but one explanation may be insulin resistance.

Insulin - a hormone that plays an important role in the breakdown of carbohydrates and fats, and kidneys help to handle this hormone in the body. Obesity causes insulin resistance, insulin levels rise and the cells divide rapidly.

Although not all cases of kidney cancer can be prevented, there are measures to reduce the risk of developing the disease. The choice of drinks without sugar, food intake in the same time and 10,000 steps a day can help maintain a healthy weight.

Adam Freeman, 46-year-old lawyer and father of four children from South London, was diagnosed with cancer in 2013. He underwent surgery to remove a kidney. "Now I rarely miss doing exercises and opt for a healthy diet. Also I began to practice yoga. It is difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle when juggling career and family, I am only a man, a husband and father of four children, and a career takes a lot of time Good habits have become part of your everyday life We are no longer talking about the family, when it comes to choosing healthy children to know how much sugar is contained in soft drinks and breakfast cereals ",.. - says A.Friman.

Every year in the UK there are about 11,900 cases of kidney cancer - 7,400 cases in men and 4,500 cases in women. Every year 4,300 people die from the disease.

Dr. Julie Sharp, head of Cancer Research UK, says: "Overweight and obesity are associated with 13 types of cancer, including cancer of the kidney, which is becoming more common Like smoking, when cell damage accumulates over time, and increases the risk of. disease, a similar process occurs in obesity Changes in diet (healthy food and drinks) and physical activity, which can be followed in the long run -. a good way to achieve a healthy weight and maintain it ".



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