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Overweight his father increases the risk of breast cancer in his daughter

April 3, 2017 16:05


Early studies have shown the link between diet and body weight during pregnancy and the risk of developing breast cancer in her offspring. A new study has confirmed that this is true for men; overweight affects the expression of genes in the sperm, which can increase the chance of developing breast cancer in their daughters. The results of the American authors have been published in the journal Scientific Reports.

It is well known that certain genetic changes affect the probability of occurrence of malignant breast tumors in women, and about 5-10% of these modifications are inherited.

Previous studies have shown that the image of the mother's life factors such as diet and smoking can lead to genetic mutations transmitted to her children. Some studies indicate that obesity in mothers is capable of damaging the genetic material, which increases the likelihood of disease in her child.

US researchers decided to see how great the father's role in the occurrence of this disease. His work they conducted on two populations of male mice. One group received a balanced diet, while the other is characterized by high-calorie diet and leads directly to obesity. The researchers then analyzed the breast structure and the incidence of breast cancer in the offspring.

As compared with the offspring of "healthy" groups have from male mice overweight marked delay of breast tissue and increased incidence of breast cancer.

In mice spermatozoa overweight were found damaged microRNA - molecules that regulate gene expression. They are also found in the breast tissue of the offspring mice.

The results of American scientists require further research, but now they can be adopted as a preventive measure.

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