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Upright Israeli company came up with a device for improving posture

February 10, 2017 15:35

10/02/2017 16:29

A device for improving posturePeople lead a sedentary lifestyle, bad posture has become so epidemic that led to a proliferation of back pain and other diseases.

According to the Israeli start-up Upright, decrease back pain begins with good posture. Therefore, coach posture, which is attached to the lower back, trains stand and sit in the correct position. When you slouch, it vibrates gently, recalling the posture.

The gadget cost $ 130 comes with a mobile application, tracking progress, and offers customized training programs. Giving five minutes a day training, you correct your posture.

Startup of the 13 employees states that using this method you can get rid of the habit of stooping. The tiny silicon device unnoticed. It is attached to the tape back and recalls that it is necessary to sit up straight. The idea was born after the mother of the founder Oded Cohen complained of constant pain. "I promised her to find a way to ease the pain," - says Cohen.

Now everything is wearable from iWatch points to Google devices more accessible to the public. We do not forget about the global trend to be healthy, look and feel better, "- say the staff Upright

With the application, you can configure the program to improve posture. Users enter the weight, age, number of hours of sedentary work and the app creates a personalized program. vibration intensity by improper posture and other functions are adjusted. In addition, a physical therapist can answer questions in real time via the chat function.

Slouch sometimes naturally, - says the company's founder. - The device trains the muscles to be able to sit up straight when you want.

According Upright, hospitals worldwide use the device to help patients. Buyers talk about relieving back pain.

Upright and helps in the work. Half of the workforce in America is suffering from pain in the back or neck, which adversely affects the ability to work. According to a recent study> Upright and Ernst & Young, after several weeks of consistent training of employees in E & Y Israel improved posture and back pain is gone. As a result, more than half of the participants felt more productive at work.

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