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Studying the label, consumers buy more healthy foods

December 4, 2017 16:44

A study using an application for smartphones has shown that people buy more healthy foods, if you read the label.

In a recently published study on the impact of labels on healthier food choices and subsequent purchases show that the products are purchased by customers after viewing the label, 13 percent more useful.

"Between studying labels and the use of purchased products are closely linked," - said the lead author, Professor Cliona No Mhurchu from the University of Auckland, the National Institute for health innovation.

During a four-week randomized trial examined the effects of three different types of labels on consumer products: labels, lights, stickers health rankings and the composition of the product information.

In the period from October 2014 to November 2015 study included 1,357 buyers from New Zealand, owners of iOS or Android smartphones at the age of 18 years and older. Through a smartphone, participants received information on the different types of labels. Smartphone technology has allowed the participants to scan product barcodes with your phone's camera, receive data labels on the screen of your phone and record your purchases.

Application for studies provided objective data on consumer behavior and buying food for four weeks.

During the four-week study, participants studied the labels on the products and / or acquired 66,915 products with a bar code. Labels were examined in 23 percent of all purchased products.

Buyers mainly studied the labels on the semi-finished products, cereals, snacks and bread. Less frequently considered food labels, which are generally considered unhealthy (eg, sugar and honey) or, on the contrary, healthy (fish, fruit and vegetables).

Previous studies were limited to a small number of specific categories of foods or pooled data on products together. Products, labels on which the participants studied were significantly healthier and healthier.



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