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Depending on the study of physical activity in weight-lifters

April 7, 2017 17:10

07/04/2017 17:00

physical dependenceCan people become addicted to physical activity? In a culture where 70 percent of overweight or obese, and only 15 percent regularly participate in sports are less likely to study the effects of excessive exercise. However, Bruce Hale, professor of kinesiology at the University of Pennsylvania, says in the study of the dependence of the exercise.

Hale says that by studying these people, scientists find more effective ways to use personal characteristics and situational influences that motivate people to stay active.

"The data show that 3-4 percent of people suffer sports-dependent - the state in which people resort to the sport, even when excessive physical activity leads to medical, professional and social adverse effects, - Hale explains -. In the study, we tried to understand why people continue to devote a lot of time lifting weights, even if it endangers the health and impairs relationships with family and partner. "

A prerequisite for the study were the arguments of one of the students of Hale, who wondered why friends spent days on end in the gym at the expense of achievement in career and social relations. Along with Hale, they developed a scale depending on the bodybuilding and studied the psychological and social conditions of dependence.

After surveys found that in athletes high dependence on physical activity, and bodybuilders it is higher than the athletes. The researchers analyzed whether physical dependence among women and men the same. They collected information among female bodybuilders and athletes for statistical analysis. The results showed that women are no different from their male counterparts.

But what use of these findings, researchers can learn to help motivate others to live a healthy lifestyle?

"People turn to the sport if they have low self-esteem We show that regular exercise, including weightlifting, improve physical fitness and well-being This motivation will stick to an exercise program, - .. Claims Hale -. Even if weightlifters have an addiction, it's a strong social support needed for regular exercise. Research interests in the field of kinesiology yield important results and useful practical solutions for better health. "



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