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What consequences will result in a decrease in the consumption of sugar and power engineering

October 17, 2017 8:51

According to a new report by the Georgia Institute of Global Health, Australia, if power engineering content in sweet drinks dropped by a third, could prevent more than 150,000 deaths.

How do I find experts, if manufacturers of sweet beverage forced to change the composition of products, it would have saved $ 8 billion over the lifetime of the Australian population.

In a study published in Nutrients, was examined for health benefits in reducing the sugar content and the power industry for 5 or 30 percent. Scientists have studied the possibility of reducing the size of the packaging of bottles or cans up to 375 ml.

Reduction of Power by 30 per cent showed the greatest benefit, which is equivalent to an additional 822,835 healthy years of life for the entire existence of the Australian population.

According to lead author, Michelle Crean of the Food Policy Division of the Georgia Institute, the results were a clear indication of the harm caused by the sugar drinks.

"There is a great need to reduce the amount of sugar in these drinks, and we have shown that this is not the only benefit to millions of Australians, but also save hundreds of millions of dollars. Other countries are struggling with excessive consumption of these beverages, and Australia need to follow in their footsteps, "- emphasized the researchers.

Key findings include:

  • 5 percent reduction of harmful components would lead to an additional 144.621 years of healthy life and savings of $ 1.5 billion;
  • 30 percent reduction of such components would provide a savings of $ 8 billion and 822,835 additional healthy years of life. This would prevent at least 150,000 premature deaths - about 47,000 from diabetes type 2 and thousands of heart disease andbreast cancer ;
  • Reduction of packaging a beverage to 375 ml will provide savings of $ 750.8 million and US $ 73 883 additional days of life.

The study modeled what would happen if the food industry follow the example of the UK and reduce the consumption of sugary drinks by 30 percent. This would result in a savings of $ 1.8 billion US dollars and another 173,410 healthy years of life.

They were evaluated costs while reducing sugar and energy. In general, reducing the size of the packaging and contents of the components will cost US $ 210 million.

"We know that sugary drinks do not carry any health benefits and are a key factor in the risk of obesity. But if the industry is to make moderate changes in the composition of beverages, you can save a considerable amount of lives. It is not about to give up sugary drinks industry, and corporate responsibility. The industry can implement these changes within 12 months if he wants. The consequences were not long in coming - it is a healthy way of life and significantly lower the risk of stroke, heart disease and diabetes, "- said co-author Professor Bruce Neal.



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