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As hormones affect tumor DNA men with breast cancer

February 16, 2018 14:35

Breast cancer in men is rare. They are the same anti-hormonal therapy, as well as women. Researchers led by Wilbert cancer Schwarte from the Netherlands Cancer Institute for the first time found out how hormones affect tumor DNA in men with breast cancer.

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In most cases, the tumor in men does not differ from women's. But in tumors that respond poorly to anti-hormonal treatment, researchers found certain differences between the two sexes. These findings are another important step towards the best individual treatment for men and women.

The researchers published their findings in the scientific journal Nature Communications.

Therapy based on treatment for women

In the Netherlands, each year breast cancer isdiagnosed in a hundred men (compared to more than 14 000 women). In most cases, the tumor in both men and women, is sensitive to hormones. This means that hormones such as estrogen, affect DNA, causing tumor growth and, ultimately, its distribution. Therefore protivogormonalnaya therapy aimed at blocking estrogen, is often part of treatment for men. In this case, there are side effects. However, for equal treatment for men and women are no scientific basis. The researchers first studied the hormonal function throughout the tumor DNA and compared the data for men and women.

The first conclusion was that the majority of breast cancers in both men and women are barely distinguishable from each other. It provides a scientific basis for the current practice of granting men and women equal anti-hormonal therapy.

But, as in women with hormone-sensitive breast cancer, the risk of recurrence, there are men. Consequently, for such a group should be used a different approach. And this group of men tumor DNA profiles are different from women.

"In patients with a less favorable course of the disease under the influence of hormones other regions of DNA are activated. This suggests the therapeutic sensitivity of each individual tumor, and this knowledge is necessary in the selection of individual therapy. In men, we see specific types of tumors that differ from women If we want to work with individual therapy for men, drug choice may be slightly different But further research is needed, "-.. he says Wilbert moored.



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