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As alkaline diet acts on the body

January 16, 2018 16:07

alkaline foodsAs proven experts Baylor College of Medicine, an alkaline diet can have a positive influence on the body, especially in cases of kidney problems.

"Alkaline diet used to reduce the amount of acid in the body. The basis of the foods and beverages low in acid and high alkali content, "- says Sridhar Mandeyem, professor in the Department of Nephrology, Department of Medicine at Baylor. - We recommend this diet for those who have kidney stones or other similar diseases. "

Mandeyem explained that if the level of acid varies or increases too fast, proteins necessary for the functioning of the cells work properly (including proteins that help form the receptors).

When the acid is accumulated for a long period of time, there is a loss of bone mass, which leads to osteoporosis ; walking and lifting things became difficult. Also, a decrease in cognitive abilities. The body tries to keep the acid levels, and when the kidneys can not cope with this, there are problems.

Those who suffer from kidney stones, an alkaline diet helps in two ways: it helps to make the acid less acidic, so that reduces the formation of crystals in the urine of calcium oxalate and reduces the formation of crystals of uric acid.

Patients with chronic kidney disease alkaline diet helps slow the worsening of the disease, especially if the diet starts at the third stage. Because the ability of the kidneys to work is reduced, the acid which produces the body, can not be eliminated and circulates in the blood, which may cause problems. One way to fight is to reduce the level of acid in the blood by increasing the level of energy in the alkaline diet.

However, Mandeyem warns that before the diet should consult with a physician to monitor any adverse effects. Every body is different and responds differently to changes. In addition to increasing the amount of alkali in the diet should drink plenty of fluids.



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