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Cleveland will take new measures to combat antibiotic resistance

March 3, 2017 12:48

03/03/2017 13:40

Antibiotic ResistanceSince the discovery of penicillin in 1928, the world has become a safer and healthier thanks to antibiotics. University School of Medicine Case Western Reserve Medical Center and Louis Stokes Cleveland teamed up and created a common organization Case VA CARES, to begin work on the growing problem of drug resistance. Staff will conduct new research to change the composition of the existing and develop new antibiotics.

Increasingly, bacteria and other microorganisms develop resistance to the drug. Resistance develops by natural selection through random mutation and is usually caused by excessive use of drugs. In this infection, which are used to produce antibiotics, may deteriorate. drug resistance poses a threat to health and increases the cost of health care, as doctors try different medications to find the right tool. Sometimes strong substituent antibiotics cause serious side effects such as kidney damage.

In the US, two million people annually develop resistance to antibiotics, which leads to more 23,000 deaths. This affects the financial cost: $ 20 billion in additional health care costs.

The immediate aim of Case VA CARES - the promotion of research in the field of multi-drug resistance of gram-negative organisms such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa pneumonia and Mycobacteria that cause tuberculosis and other infections - said Pamela B. Davis, a researcher. - Understanding the molecular basis of resistance is crucial for the proper treatment of patients with serious infections

In addition to the research and development of medicines, in the center specialists will work with scientists around the world to track outbreaks of resistant organisms, to search for new drugs and to train physicians, medical students and residents. The team of scientists are experts in the field of infectious diseases, microbiology, molecular biology, biochemistry, pharmacology and bioinformatics.

Case VA CARES develop leadership and conduct research necessary for the formulation and conduct of clinical trials - said Dr. Bonomo. The organization will also work in cooperation with schools of medicine and university hospitals in Cleveland.



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