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The combination of 3 preparations and cancer treatment podzhaludochnoy

January 15, 2018 18:27

One of the many difficulties associated with pancreatic cancer is that tumors are resistant to most treatments due to their unique density and composition of the cell. However, a new study of the Institute of Cancer Wilmot scientists found that a combination of three drugs can simultaneously target the cancer cells, as well as other harmful, inflammatory cells in the tumor, to improve survival.

Current treatment of pancreatic cancer in Israel

The study builds on previous research data from the laboratory of David C. Linehan, MD, and may determine a more personalized approach to pancreatic cancer treatment. Ultimately, to choose the best treatment, the doctor will use information from a biopsy of a pancreatic tumor on the volume and prevalence of malignant cancer cells and inflammatory cells, which affect the immune system.

"In people with pancreatic cancer do not have 10 years to wait for the next new drug," - said linearity, surgical oncologist, director of clinical operations in Wilmot and professor and chair of the Department of Surgery Seymour I. Schwartz, University of Rochester Medical Center.

"Our approach is based on evidence that the disease has specific characteristics associated with a tumor and the immune response - he said - and we believe that treatment should address all aspects of the problem."

In fact, over 80 percent of pancreatic tumors are composed of cells that are not cancerous tumor cells. But many of these non-cancerous cells, called tumor-associated macrophages (or MAO), continue to play a vital role in the development of cancer by inhibiting the immune system to fight it. In addition to MAO pancreatic tumors also include, and are surrounded opuholesoderzhaschimi neutrophils (DOS), which further blocking the immune system in the presence of pancreatic cancer. (Cancer "recruiting" these harmful "helper" cells, and OCH MAO, from bone marrow).

In patients with a lot of MAO and AHF in biopsy samples had a poor prognosis. In general, the survival rates of pancreatic cancer are gloomy, and the incidence is increasing, that feeds the urgent need to improve treatment by research.

The purpose of the study published in the British Gut medical journal, was to target a combination of experimental drugs in the MAO and DOS, so reducing the amount of the latter, these drugs can have its own immune defense of the body function properly and fight off cancer, as well as to increase the effectiveness of standard chemotherapy. The study was conducted on mice, but the researchers also conducted a correlation analysis of tumor samples on human pancreas.

The results showed that the targeting of tumor-associated macrophages and neutrophils contained in the tumor as well as cancer cells - improved anti-tumor immunity and response to chemotherapy is better than using any single therapy.

Gut magazine also published an accompanying editorial office of the German doctor and researcher in the field of pancreatic cancer, which said that the study provides a strong rationale for Wilmot of using combinations of drugs to overcome the immune evasion in pancreatic cancer and other solid tumors.


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