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Computed tomography provides a clear picture of the blood vessels

19 December 2016 17:22

12/19/16 17:40

Blood vesselsWith special computer image analysis methods narrowed and blocked arteries can diagnose faster and more accurately. This was made possible thanks to the development of innovative methods for detailed visualization of the blood vessels, supported by the Austrian Science Foundation.

Peripheral arterial occlusive disease is a serious danger to the health of patients. Various treatment options (extensionstenting) Give a good chance of recovery. Treatment planning requires comprehensive analysis of peripheral vascular blood flow. CT angiography solves the problem, but it gives thousands of images, the analysis of which is difficult for medical personnel. Experts from the fields of medicine and information technologies work together in the framework of a project funded by the Austrian Science Foundation.

Project leader Miloš Šrámek from the Austrian Academy of Sciences explains the main objectives:. "The image of the lumen of blood vessels is possible using CT However, complications arise when you change the orientation Get a complete visualization in 3D still was not easy.. The developed technique allows us to recreate an accurate picture. "

Development based on axial reformation by which is obtained a continuous representation of the lumen of blood vessels in case they change their spatial orientation. Rüdiger Shernhaner of Biomedical Imaging Department explains: "Using this technique, we are able to see the lumen without overlaps." However, the technology is still not perfect: the simultaneous visualization of multiple blood vessels requires further optimization.

"Reformation of the curved surface" is based on the 'axial reformation "and allows you to completely create a 3D visualization of the lumen of blood vessels, regardless of the spatial orientation and position of the blood vessel.

Other teams of scientists include the development of intelligent visualization techniques that allow us to show the full scope of a blood vessel in one image. With them, you can quickly assess the blood flow in a blood vessel. Project participants are aware of the difficulty of the choice of a large number of available imaging techniques and have developed a "smart super views". Thus, the automatically selected images that are better suited for the evaluation of a particular area of ​​the body.

The methods developed during the project, has already applied to 600 medical cases per year. This underlines their significance and importance for the improvement of the health of patients.



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