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A major study of prostate cancer in black men

July 25, 2018 9:49

Black men in the United States suffer from prostate cancer more often than other men. Scientists are now conducting a study costing 26.5 million. Dollars, to identify the causes of these differences.

US National Institutes of Health and the Foundation of the prostate cancer study was initiated to examine the social, environmental and genetic factors underlying this inequality.

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"No group is suffering from prostate cancer in the world more than men of African descent, and to date little is known about the biological causes of these differences" - the scientists noted.

Black men in the United States have a 15 percent chance of prostate cancer, compared to 10% in light-skinned people. The risk of death from this disease have higher (4% vs. 2%).

Understanding why African-American men are at increased risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer compared with other racial and ethnic groups, can help eliminate this inequality. The purpose of research - to register 10 000 black men with prostate cancer tumors and to investigate the relationship between the aggressive form of the disease and the social / environmental factors, such as discrimination, segregation, adverse conditions in the early stages of life.

Scientists analyze DNA samples from healthy tissue and tumors, to identify variants of genes associated with the development of malignant prostate tumors and to identify genes that can interact with the social / environmental factors.

The researchers hope that the understanding of these complex interactions will help to develop individual approaches to prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.



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